On the first Sunday of the new year I did what I always do and figured out what we were eating for dinner for the week followed by going to the grocery store.



I was excited- two vegetarian meals this week- and like half of America I had kale on my shopping list (only to make kale chips, it is foul in all other forms). We were going to have spinach and corn enchiladas so please imagine my face upon the discovery when the grocery store was out of both fresh spinach and cilantro.



Two days before they were completely out of arugula (necessitating a 2nd trip to a 2nd location of the same store, also out of arugula) so my feelings about this were less than pleasant. I reversed course and bought the fixings to make chicken pot pie, only to get home, make the chicken and begin veggie chopping to realize, nope,



forgot potatoes. And chicken pot pie without potatoes is pretty much chicken soup in a crust. We ordered Chinese.

Is that how it is going to be 2015? Last minute delivery, nary a vegetarian entrée in sight?


So maybe 2015 will be the year of new discoveries and not forgotten potatoes and absent spinach?

Regardless, I have reservations about the coming months. That and as you might have guessed, I forgot the kale.