I don’t know about you guys, but I do a lot of my holiday shopping online – the ease just can’t be beaten.



However, every year I always save a few things to go buy in person. It gives me an opportunity to enjoy some décor (hey, stores often have great holiday decorating), drop some change in the Salvation Army bucket and check things out in person.



One thing in particular they have this year? LG OLED TVs. You guys, these things are amazing. I could imagine one in my house. (Sadly, there is not one in my house. Santa?)

This baby has a curved screen and amazing contrast. I didn’t think amazing contrast mattered (or was noticeable) until I saw images on the LG OLED screen. These televisions have  self-lighting pixels that are able to switch on and off individually, offering the first infinite contrast ratio. This, in my limited technology speak, a big deal and a gorgeous image. They also have 4 color pixels (as opposed to the standard 3) that allow for deeper colors. The television is only about as thick as a pencil (say whaaat). With this television you won’t need any extra tv streaming devices either- it has a web browser and you can hook it up to all your accounts – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon. Some of the models even have voice enacted remote, which, I don’t know, THE FUTURE IS HERE.

Of course an LG OLED television isn’t inexpensive ($3499 at Best Buy which is $500 off the manufacturer’s price) but if you are looking for a fantastic family gift, this one might be it.

Happy shopping and of course, happy #hintingseason.