It is no secret I’ve been a huge fan of my Canon camera, which I bought a few years ago.



Naturally I’m so intrigued by the latest model of my camera (a Canon EOS Rebel T3i), which is the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.



I’ve slowly added lenses to my collection and I know they would all be amazing when attached to the latest camera body.

Good news for camera shoppers: you can now save $150 on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy. Visit Best Buy to learn more.



Unlike online shopping at Best Buy you’ll have the opportunity to manipulate the camera yourself, to take lenses on and off and see how it fits in your hands. (Hint: it would fit quite well in mine!)

The latest version features a continuous autofocus (awesome) and full HD for video. It has a a DIGIC 5 image processor = amazing!