Parenthood (for me) has been a lot of little moments that add up to the smacking realization that life has changed.



The biggest reason being the competitive blood sport known as “Acquiring a New Year’s Eve Babysitter” which if you are unfamiliar with, please count yourself lucky. Even if you manage to finagle the perfect person to come watch your special snowflake you will then use their college savings to pay for the honor….and yeah. No.



Too many years of spending over an hour getting a cab, traversing on the train with all the other too-sweet-sparking-wine-imbibing-drunks…. nope.

This year we will miss seeing our friends (having the small party but see babysitter situation above) but we have grand plans of grilling steak, drinking a nice bottle of something, and seeing out the year much in the way we lived it- as a little family, full of quirks and good memories and casual moments.



We often eat dinner in our pjs (with cloth napkins though, and real plates, some habits never die) and retire to the living room to watch television or read together, and if I had to guess, I’d say our New Year’s Eve will contain many of those elements.

I know that in just a few years we will be back on the NYE circuit so for now I’m happy to be where we are in life. I’m looking forward to the fresh new year, full of possibility and milestones. As far as my resolutions….here we go:

  1. I want to eat better at home, namely by eating more plants and less sugar
  2. I resolve to take the Friday and Monday surrounding Easter off…I never do, and I always regret it as we get back into town late Sunday night
  3. I want to put down the electronics more often, particularly in the evenings
  4. I want to cook more, which is something I’m really passionate about and enjoy
  5. I want to find time for a few more date nights with my husband
  6. I want to get my camera out more, both behind it and in front of it

Nothing too earth shattering, a little of the same old same old. 2014 was a pretty good year and I’m hopeful hat 2015 has more good things on the horizon. But before we say adios, a quick look back at 2014…….

As far as the blog goes, my top read posts were as follows:

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As for the year in photos, here goes.

We celebrated Gracie’s first birthday with a Winter Onederland party…..