About Daisy


I am an attorney married to an attorney, which means my house is full of boring books & equally boring discussions. B and I call downtown Chicago home & we plan on moving to the suburbs at about a quarter to never. We have a baby girl named Gracie (born February 1st, 2013) and a moody beagle named Rhett Butler that we rescued in 2010. I blog about our life in the big city but I used to write about how much I hated law school. Sometimes I write about the ins and outs of being a working Mom. B is never pictured but he reads all my posts (or so he says). My taste in movies is questionable, my taste in music more-so, but I’ll never wear white pants after Labor Day. And yes, I willingly named my dog Rhett Butler.


Rhett Butler Birthday 2

I host an online book club! You can find it her

You can always email me at: djd.daisyjd AT gmail DOT com

I’m often lurking around Twitter: @daisyjd

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns or baked goods. Mostly the baked goods.

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