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Time to hop on over to discuss The Goldfinch and vote on our next round of books! Unfortunately the poll only lets you vote once, I’m trying to see if there is a better way to select multiple books at once! Maybe a bracket tournament….



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Five on Friday: Mama’s Girl

Lets do this again…five on Friday, shall we?


One & Two: comparison photos of Gracie and I around the age of 1. First me:



General observations: I had more hair (not by much), fewer teeth (by a lot) and much bigger feet.

For comparison, some Gracie pictures:





Three: There are rumors of spring like weather on the horizon. I will believe it when I see it, but if it happens over the weekend, you will find us at the park, zoo, anywhere outside without four layers, scarves and heavy coats.

Four: April is a crazy month for us with a lot of travel and visitors. I’m exhausted thinking about it but I’m having fun working on Gracie’s Easter basket (Easter being one of the weekends that is busy-busy). One toy and a some books are on the list- nothing huge. I have a lot of fun scouring through all the kids books for titles she is sure to love. She is really into books that ask questions (answered with no, of course), books with flaps or tactile pages. I need some new books to break up the monotony of Is Your Mama a Llama, Dear Zoo, Are You a Cow, Brown Bear Brown Bear, and That’s Not My____.

Five: Some new recipes have made it into our rotation. Short rib cobbler was a total hit, even Gracie enjoyed some of the veggies in it. Now that spring is on the horizon I broke out our favorite Smitten Kitchen peas and alfredo pasta recipe (in her cookbook) and yup, still as good as I remember. Coming soon: asparagus salad, another spring favorite.

Are You My People?

As a kid one of my favorite parts of going over to friend’s houses was seeing how their family did things. I won’t say my parents were persnickety, but our house ran smoothly on a lot of rules. My Dad has his opinions, my Mom has hers, and that was the reality I knew. For instance, we were not allowed to eat in the car growing up. Ever. No exceptions. The car is just not a place for eating and drinking, and on the rare occasion we went through a drive through, food and drinks stayed properly contained until we arrived home. I swear my Dad knew a mile before pulling into the driveway if I broke the rule in high school and enjoyed a milkshake in the car. Going over to friend’s houses was like visiting a foreign land. You eat your salad ON A SALAD PLATE? BEFORE DINNER? WHAT? (We made our salad share space on our dinner plates.) You do your homework in your ROOM? (Until high school my brother and I were “kitchen table” homework doers.) You have a TELEVISION IN YOUR ROOM? (This was mind blowing. We had two televisions growing up: one in the living room and one in either my parents room or the basement.) You have SUGARY CEREAL? (We were only allowed to pick out cereal with less than 8 grams of sugar, which left Rice Krispies and assorted corn flakes.) You have PAPER TOWELS WITH PATTERNS ON THEM? (My Mom said that the process of bleaching and then dying paper towels was bad for the enviornment. Ok fine, you win Mom. I only buy white paper towels too.)

Anyway, part of the fun of being an adult is coming up with your new household rules and ways of doing things. For instance, B and I keep our butter on the counter, in a butter dish. I put it out there on Twitter recently that people who keep all their butter in the fridge are no friend of mine, because, hi, toast. And waffles. And other items that require soft butter for spreading. You need nice room temperature butter for such things. And nope, unless you leave it out there for, I dunno, months, it won’t go bad. Especially salted butter, because as we all learned when we studied Ancient Times, salt is a preservative. I was happy so many of my Twitter friends also subscribe to the policy of Counter Butter.

Also of note: B and I are not “backround noise” television people. We rarely have the tv on unless someone is actively watching it. Sure, sometimes we have football on in the background because, hi, football, we are watching, but we do not have the TV on just to have the TV on. We turn it on to watch something and then when we are done, we turn it off.

Are you take your shoe off at the door people? B and I tend to take our shoes off at the door, but it is because we both just generally prefer to be barefoot in the house. Then our friends come over, and see that we don’t have shoes on, and offer to take their shoes off. And I don’t know how to say “No, it is fine! Please, leave your shoes on if you are more comfortable! By all means!” because they do not need to take their shoes off unless they too prefer to be barefoot. (Unless their shoes have slush on them, and then please, take them off. Nobody has time for salt puddles.) I find myself putting shoes on before people come over just to avoid the uncertainty of it all.

Anyway, what about you? Any household rules you wish the whole world would adopt? Anything mind blowing from your childhood. Did you also go to your friend’s house and DIE A THOUSAND HAPPY DEATHS when you discovered their mother hadn’t banned snack cakes and you got to eat an adult sanctioned Ho-Ho or Swiss Cake Roll?

(Also my Dad totally eats in his car now and my brother and I die when we see this happening, because seriously, no rule was more strict during our childhoods.)

Five on Friday

I figured I’d join many other bloggers in participating in Five on Friday- maybe help me get through a little bit of a writing funk I’m in? Lets do it.


1. I cut my hair! About 6 inches or so…I’m pleased with how much healthier it is and that I can dry it much faster. It makes wearing it straight something I can handle at home.

2. Gracie caught allll the daycare germs. First pink eye, then a nasty cold, then her first ear infection. I am thankful her daycare offers a 10% discount (up to twice a year) for a week in which you miss 3 or more days. I did buy one of those plug-in night lights with the vapor pads (this Pediacare one, affiliate link FYI) and it has helped her middle of the night coughing and stuffiness. I found it on a random shelf at Walgreens while I waited to pick up her antibiotics. B and I also learned just how hard it is to balance work & parenting with a sick kiddo. So long vacation days, it was like I never knew you.

3. March Madness has taken over our house. Go Blue!

4. Gracie started walking, and more than just a few steps here or there. Of course every video I have shows off her terrible pink eye/ear infection face (swollen, sad eyes, etc) so I’m waiting until she is feeling better to share it with the world. Everyone said her first steps would “really change things” but she was so mobile before with crawling, pulling up and using her walker that we haven’t found anything new that she can suddenly get into. That said we did finally finish child proofing the main bathroom and the kitchen cabinets because she is really obsessed with opening and closing things…only a matter of time before a food processor blade or tube of lipstick caught her eye.

5. This weather has just GOT TO GO. Today’s forecast is lovely but then we drop back into the 30s. I’m ready for wearing a light jacket and leaving my gloves at home. Yesterday it snowed on my way into the office. So uncool. Our zoo membership has gone untouched because I refuse to take my kid to the zoo during polar vortex’s, rain/sleet, or snow storms. So far finding a day without any of the above has been all but impossible.





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