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*bonus points if you can name the movie

Sorry for disappearing off the face of the blogosphere last week. With each passing day leaving us without the hot water heater being replaced I turned into a terribly irate, sticky person. To answer a few questions:

- The HOA ordered a hot water heater to replace an ailing one. Because Sears cancelled the installation of the new hot water heater every few days (without much explanation) the old hot water heater eventually gave out, a few days after the first missed installation date. In the meantime, Sears continued to try to “fix” the problem, making the HOA reluctant to cancel the order because the water heater isn’t a standard size and is typically a little harder to find. Spoiler alert: the hot water heater ain’t coming from Sears anymore.

- Many friends have offered us warm showers but since we kept thinking TOMORROW IS THE DAY we kept declining. We are fools.

- B and I have been suffering through icy showers, I’ve been pre-treating the crap (not literally) out of all the laundry (we normally wash clothes in warm water), and we’ve been using paper plates and plastic cups and utensils to cut down on dishes. Every day or so I boil water on the stove, fill the kitchen sink and hand wash the remaining items.

- The baby still needs her nightly bath after daycare (SO DIRTY) so I boil a pot of water and mix it with cold tap water to create a shallow bath for her to play in. Not perfect, but it works. (Hair rinsing with the soapy soaking water is less than desirable).



(Installation scheduled for Tuesday)

In the meantime, Friday was this totally crazy day. I had an all day work event followed by dinner and B had to leave town around noon for some sailing related nonsense. This is normally no big deal on its own, but in the midst of this scheduling snafu I should mention we have not only our dog, but a friend’s dog who we are watching for a few days. SO. B swings by the house at noon to let the dogs out again and I make plans with my friend Elizabeth for her to pick Gracie up from daycare and take her to her house for the evening. I finally make it to her house around 9 pm, we sit around chatting for awhile, and then I go retrieve the (old) car from a few blocks away and pull up in front of her house to load a sleepy Gracie in, who is very confused as to why she has been awoken. Load her up and….the car won’t start. As in, the key won’t turn in the ignition (that we’ve replaced twice) and after 30 minutes of trying to make magic happen I give in, call a cab and cry into my (disheveled) work clothes. The cab arrives and I transfer my purse, diaper bag, and briefcase into the trunk, then uninstall and reinstall the convertible car seat into the cab (did I mention I’m wearing heels?) and finally make it home around 11:15 pm. I carry everything up our 3 flights of stairs, including Gracie in the car seat, transfer her to the crib and get a neighbor to keep an eye on her while I run the dogs out.

And then I realized with a jolt, yeah, we still don’t have hot water. So after all that, I can’t even take a refreshing shower.

So now I’m taking Monday off of work to deal with getting the car towed (we tried to have it towed over the weekend, but no dice for a variety of reasons) and fixed…… and at the end of the day I STILL WON’T HAVE HOT WATER.

Tuesday can’t come soon enough.



When I was in college I rented an apartment with four of my closest girlfriends. We had the top floor of a ramshackle old New Orleans mansion that had seen better days but to us exuded charm and potential. A few tragic paint choices later (neon macaroni orange for me, pepto-bismal pink for another, lavendar in another, all together it was…horrific) and we were in business, never mind the crumbling porch and clearly-not-to-code laundry room. Everything was dandy other than the roof that leaked (in…New Orleans) and our terrible property manager who didn’t pay the bills for the house. When our air conditioning broke the second time my senior year rather than getting it fixed the landlord, property manager and air conditonining company spent a few weeks “sorting things out” and we were left without air…in New Orleans….in April/May. It was as awesome as it sounds.

This became the first in a long line of rent-related injustices, not one of which comes back to a root source that is my fault such as “not paying a bill”, “burning something down”, “leaving water running”, etc. But since those early college days I’ve been subjected to a flood (neighbor’s washing machine broke), a fire (someone left a small charcoal grill on a rooftop wood deck) during the bar exam study period, no heat in January of 2013 (9 months pregnant, not happy, so cold), no heat during Thanksgiving of 2013 (thanks ancient boiler and holiday repair time frames), and now, no hot water.

No hot water sounds more “vaguely annoying” than life threatening (like the no heat situations) but as it turns out, I’d rank it far, far above “vaguely annoying” and put it up there with “everything is terrible”. It would be fine if it was just for a short period, but we are creeping up on the 24 hour mark and the earliest the situation will be resolved is tonight, but it isn’t looking likely. Thanks Sears for botching the HOA’s order of a new hot water heater, giving the ailing water heater time to completely die.

Taking a look at the overall picture I know that not having hot water for a few days won’t put me on the nomination list for sainthood, and in fact, is pretty much just a first world problem. The hot water will be fixed and we will return to life as normal. In the meantime I’ve put a strict “paper products” rule into place for eating and drinking and I can heat water on the stove to get a sink full of hot soapy water to wash sippy cups and utensils. I’m just wondering what is coming next because I personally believe I’ve dealt with more “no _____” situations than any one person who pays rent and utilities in full and on time every month should have to deal with.

Shakes fist at sky!

Oh, once in high school my Dad was out of town and our pilot light went out and could not be re-lit and my Mom and brother camped out overnight in the living room in front of the fire place before the repair guy could come. I deemed that “weird” (UGH, FAMILY, ALL IN ONE ROOM) and insisted on sleeping in my room (walkout basement) under electric blankets and I’m pretty sure my Mom came down to check on my every hour because she was convinced an electrical fire was going to bring the house down around us thanks to the blankets.  Also: I was an idiot. It was freezing, even with the blanket. The living room was nice and warm thanks to the fireplace.

Also in high school our power grid needed updating and one summer we were subject to power outages regularly when it got really hot and everyone ran their AC. My Dad’s (very) good friend is some big-wig at the power company and every time it happened he’d load us in the car and drive over to said friend’s house and ask what was for dinner. Well, sometimes he’d call his friends while driving us to a restaurant (these outages always happened around meal time) and tell him he was forwarding him the bill. Regardless, the power grid was eventually updated, or so I hear. Ahhh, memories.

(Also, also in high school our house flooded twice, but those are stories for another day. But one flood involved water pouring out of light fixtures in the basement and neither my brother or I woke up for it and my parents will never let us live it down.)



For the first time in a long time the entire Daisy-B household was in-town and had no huge outside activities for an entire weekend. This won’t happen for awhile again so we had to get while the getting was hot (so to speak) and we enjoyed the hell out of the weekend. Nothing of great importance- we didn’t solve world conflict or repaint the house or anything like that. We grilled and swam and spent time with friends and opened Father’s Day gifts (well, B did) and sat out on the porch while the kiddo splashed and the parents drank wine. We watched golf and soccer and Orange Is the New Black and Gracie slept until 8 am two days in a row. We spent Friday evening at the Zoo’s “memembers only” picnic where carousel and train rides were free and dinner was less than balanced but everyone had fun and went to bed a little bit sticky.


It was a nice, nice weekend.

My husband is one hell of an awesome Dad who spent two weekends in May making me feel pretty special (Mother’s Day + birthday) and I hope I was able to do the same for him the past two days. Public letters of adoration might not be our thing, but I’m hoping actions and memories were louder than any words on a blog or Facebook status message. Till our next open weekend….

Ruminations with Zero Point

I was speaking with my manager yesterday and I mentioned that I feel like I’ve hit a lull at work. For the first time in a long time there isn’t a huge monumental change on the horizon (or at least not one that impacts my day to day) and it has left me feeling stagnant. I know that part of it is me- I need to stop and pay attention to where I am and what I’m doing now- and part of it is that I have hit a little bit of a plateau at work. It isn’t a bad thing (and in fact, it is a nice plateau to sit on) but nonetheless, here I am, feeling a little like I’m spinning in a small circle.

Do you ever get that way? Feeling stagnant but knowing it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but instead perhaps you need a fresh perspective?

It happens to everyone I assume. Even people with furiously fast paced, exciting jobs. Although I doubt very few people would self-classify their job as exciting. Most people view their job as their job and it is just the outsiders looking in that thinks it looks awesome.

For a long time (when I was younger) I really wanted to be an ER physician. I thought the idea of new and interesting patients that you got to see every day was fascinating. I loved the idea of not sitting at a desk, tied to a computer. Being an ER physician meant new people, face to face interaction. Which in some ways is the opposite of what I do now. Also, I’m friends with an ER physician and his Facebook PSA announcements let me enjoy the crazy tales of the ER without being in charge of anyone’s wellbeing. See also: he has some crazy snake and alligator bite stories. People be crazy.

Also, I couldn’t hack college level chemistry. It is a long and complicated story and while I know I ended up where I should have, I’d like to go back in time and redo first semester, freshman year of college in relation to chemistry class. Just to kick its chemistry ass and say I did it. And biology class because while I did fine, a smidge bit of effort more could have landed me a solid A mark.

Now that we have covered a little bit of everything and nothing….I’ll go back to spinning in my circle. And maybe cleaning out my inbox.

Signing off now, Daisy-Does-Not-Self-Classify-As-Exciting



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