Name Game

Blogging is a funny, funny thing. Probably the thing that shocks me the most is discovering that real-life friends read it. Lesson learned when my Mom’s friends all called her when I was in the hospital after reading about my Fire Ears on this corner of the internet (HI LADIES!).

I recently discovered another reader who is a real life friend after I spoiled their baby shower gift. WHOOPS. Sorry guys!

I’m sure they won’t mind (spoiler alert) if I share that they had said baby. I’m betting she is really cute (ahem PHOTOS) and she has a really cute name. I can say that because her name is one of the only two “girl name” contenders that B and I have for our one-day, hypothetical, not yet coming so don’t even get your hopes up, children. (For emphasis, please imagine me giving you a hairy eyeball while downing a glass of champagne and chasing it with some stinky cheese and runny eggs. ALL IN ONE YUMMY BITE.)


I can’t really say they stole our name because it isn’t exactly a unique garble of letters made up only by us, nor is it a name we have shared with them (or anyone else) so it was more of a shocking, jaw dropping moment when B announced said baby was born and had a name. And then he said the name and we both just kind of stared at each other. Like…really? That is the name they chose? FOR REAL?  But….man they have good taste. Back to the drawing board.

In summary: our friends have a cute baby and good taste in names. Congrats you two! We will never have children because there are no agreeable names left on this planet. The end.


When I moved to Chicago in June of 2005, the only person I knew was my ex-boyfriend. He left Chicago a month later for New Orleans and lived with his new girlfriend’s family in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I didn’t know anyone the first day of law school. The first people I became friends with, for the most part, are no longer close friends. Our lives grew apart, and we are now on separate paths.

* * *

I went to a wedding last night for Law with Grace, someone I didn’t even meet until my second year of law school, an outward glance might have said we’d never be good friends. And yet there she was at our wedding. We were at the hospital the night after her son was born. I cried when she walked down the aisle.

My husband and I held hands when they said their vows. I looked down the pew, at B, the Namby Pamby, my close girlfriend Butters. People who I met later in school. Whose lives are integrally wound into mine.

* * *

Today I set the table for Easter dinner, with our wedding china. A place for my husband, Butters, her boyfriend and Namby. Wine glasses, flowers, a ham in the oven. We are all apart from our families but we’ve made our own. There were biscuits and homemade carrot cake and we laughed so hard we almost cried. We talked about upcoming vacations, holidays, birthdays around the bend. It was easy and comfortable, the way a holiday with real friends is.

* * *

Life might take you down some strange and unknown paths, but it is funny how when you look back and around, you realize just how perfect it is.

Oil Cleanse Method: The Follow-Up

Awhile back I began breaking down a few facial cleansing routines and reporting back on what I was finding. It started with a simple post on battling adult acne, which led me begin the oil cleanse method as part of my skin care routine. I’ve gotten a lot of questions on the oil cleanse method but I wanted to wait awhile to see how it worked in the long term…and then my Fire Ears began and I was worried people might think my swelling ears were caused by my hippy-dippy oil cleansing. Rest assured, my dermatologist and my allergist have dismissed the OCM as the cause of my puffy ears, so I’m back to say that I’m still an oil cleanse devotee, although I’ve added the Clarisonic Mia to my arsenal of skin care, and I’ve been using Retin-A twice a week (per prescription & recommendation).
 The combination of the oil cleanse, common sense, my hand held sonic cleaner and the Retin-A finally has me in a happy, happy place where my skin is blemish free, protected from the sun, glowing and protected against aging. That said, when it is listed out like that it seems like…a lot of products, or expensive in the upkeep. I’ve added each element separately (and was lucky enough to get my Clarisonic for free) and over time, it hasn’t been a huge  money suck, nor is it that complex to keep up with. I always recommend adding new products or steps in slowly- you don’t want to overwhelm you skin and by buying different products at different points in time, they don’t all run out at once leaving you with an expensive reciept when you replace it all at once.
So, for those of you still jonesing for awesome skin, here is how it all breaks down.
In the morning I wash my face with my Clarisonic and gentle cleanser. My favorite mild face washes are:
Cetaphil Daily Cleanser
Cetaphil Daily Cleanser

Neutrogena Natural Cleanser

Neutrogena Natural

Philosophy Purity

Philosophy Purity Made Simple


When I get out of the shower I moisturize and use sunscreen.

Favorite sunscreen and daily moisturizers:

Neutrogena Age Shield:

Philosophy Hope in a Jar, which is light & perfect for summer:

Jojoba Oil (a thin layer):


In the evening I wash my face again, with the same gentle cleanser or the oil cleanse method (every other night give or take). If I used regular face wash, I follow up with Retin-A, (which is prescription only) and no moisturizer per the instructions, but if my skin is feeling dry or I used the oil cleanse I follow it with either jojoba oil or a slightly richer face cream such as Philosphy’s When Hope is Not Enough:

And? With all of this? My skin is finally, finally happy. I credit the following items with the following traits:

- The oil cleanse method really helped me get the gunk out of my pores and has softened my skin considerably and led to less “extra” oil production.

- The Clarisonic has also helped me get gunk out of my pores, and really helps me keep up with exfoliation. I also think it has reduced my laugh lines.

- The Retin-A has helped stop any breakouts that are considering happening after all the other cleansing and have also helped reduce fine lines.

- The sunscreen is going to help ensure I look marvelous at any age.

Day of the Week

Only Thursday you say?

Yeah. Me too.

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