Between this (travel), that (bike riding) and the other thing (life, being a klutz) I am suddenly covered from head to toe in bruises. The most notable one of the heel of my hand makes me look like I was in a mean street fight:


Subtle, right? Sadly the only story to explain that shiner is that my heavy, steel encased suitcase fell out of the overhead bin per the flight attendant’s warning “Caution, items may have shifted during flight” and I caught all 3o pounds on the corner, with my hand. It felt great, thanks for asking. I also have bumps and scrapes on my entire right arm (bike riding, bike wrestling, hotel latch thingy doodad), my left foot (I think I might have a stress fracture I’m ignoring LALALALALALA and then I dropped my suitcase on it at the airport)  and my right thigh from who knows what.

Do I even mention that my fire ears caused blood vessels to burst in my right ear? No? Ok then. I’ll keep that one to myself.

I think the phrase I’m looking for here is “falling apart” or “train wreck” or something similar. TGIF!

Deja Vu

I’m back in New York City.

Yes, just a few weeks after I was there last time.

This time I am here for my “real” job which is to say the job I do from 7 to 3, Monday through Friday, give or take. Which means that I am professional, lawyerly and generally quite polished while taking care of business.

When I arrived in New York I got a message from another Curvy Girl informing me that our swimsuit confidence antics were currently being featured on Taxi Television. (The flat screens that are in most taxis in large US cities).

To recap: me, in a swimsuit, strutting, on tiny televisions inside of taxi cabs in New York City while I was in New York City with my “real” coworkers.

This week has nowhere to go but up.

Mail Bag

Today I got a package in the mail, which is typically very exciting business. However this package was…well…

I’m sorry, I don’t care who you are, unless your name starts with Lance and ends with Armstrong, I highly doubt a floor bike pump is particularly exciting to open. To offset the recent influx of packages containing super fun stuff like chain lubricant, inner tube replacements and a tire gauge I signed up for Birch Box.

Ahhhhh. Much more my style. Birch Box is a beauty sample subscription- $10 a month buys you a monthly delivery of beauty samples, some full size some travel sized. You fill out a survey about your skin and hair type so help ensure you get stuff you’d actually use, and you get a mix of make up, skin and hair goodies. It is a grab bag so you never know what you are going to get but I’m 100% certain is more thrilling than other things that I’ve recently opened.

Enough said. Bring on the pretties.


During the winter in Chicago B and I pretty much hibernate.

It is below freezing. It sleets, it snows, it is icy and grey. We make squash soup and rent movies and hunker down.

We play rock paper scissors to see who has to take the dog out after the sun goes down, give or take at 3:00 in the afternoon.

We don’t make a ton of plans, save a few trips to get out of town and pretend we live below the Mason Dixon line. Or at least somewhere that has reason to serve ice tea year round.

But then the summer comes and our days and weekends are packed so full. Birthday parties. Sailing regattas. Bike riding, dog park trips, grill outs with friends.

Instead of sleeping in until after the sun comes up at 9, we set an alarm to greet it at 6. It is tiring, but it reminds me of why we suffer though the cold winters. Chicago is magical in the summer, no matter how jam packed your days and weekends are. I biked 35 miles this weekend, B sailed in a 3 day regatta (2nd place!) we made it to a birthday party, hosted a friend from Australia and another from Michigan. I made it to a bike meeting, spent an afternoon with friends in the NICU and even got all the grocery shopping done.

Tomorrow night we have plans to walk to the big dog park and play fetch until Rhett Butler gives up, which he signals by climbing underneath the benches and flopping over.

Chicago is full of seasons….and I love this one.

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