New York the Wrap-Up

So last week I went to New York City for an entire week with the Curvy Girl Guide .

It was, to put it mildly, a once in a life time trip.

You can read some day by day accounts here, here and here.

But I’m here to tell you that going to bed after midnight and waking up at 4 every day is downright exhausting. This kind of sleep deprivation has you wondering- for entirely too long- why the green room is red.

(This is what a 4 am wake up call looks like.)

(Oh, well, while we are at it, this is what *I* look like. I figured after being on television for a week the mystery is over, no?)

We even made it to Central Park while we were in town and most certainly did not pay a rickshaw driver, in pure panic, $20 to take us 100 yards when we were incredibly lost and turned around. Lesson learned.

Our first morning was a bit whirl-wind and so while I was the 2nd “model” on screen I was last to sit down in hair and make up. This was an unfortunate choice, seeing as how the “2 minutes until broadcast” signal was given while I was just getting settled in the chair. If you ever want to see me pseudo-cry, tell me I’m going on television with bedhead and under-eye circles while everyone around me wears full high-definition make up.

(Don’t worry, they got me all prettied up in time.)

(Then I dropped my sarong while walking across screen.)

(In a not-funny kind of way.)

Anyway, all of the women I spent the week with were amazing, I got to see a few other blogging friends and I basically ran around until my feet were covered in blisters.

In fact, right before I ate a delicious lobster, a lady in the bathroom saw me putting a band-aid on my foot and told me, in her best Grandma voice, that one day I would get used to city living. Chalk that up to…something.

Sorry, but seriously now, why is the green room red?


Really. It was red. And yet they kept telling all the models to go back to the green room I MEAN REALLY WHAT GIVES I AM SO CONFUSED AND SLEEP DEPRIVED.


On Twenty Eight

Today I turn twenty eight.

I think this is where I’m supposed to ponder and muse about the past year and dream a lot about the year to come. That said, if life has taught me anything in the past year, it is that you should hold your ‘dream’ cards close to your chest and proudly display them when you are dealt your winning hand.

In the past year, many things didn’t go as planned. That isn’t to say they went poorly, but you know that saying “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans….” just fits too well here. We pondered with buying a condo. I thought a lot about my career path. We settled into life with a dog, friends had babies and friends got married and other friends moved away. I am still at my job (happily), we didn’t buy a condo and we still only have one dog and no plans in the immediate future for expanding our family in any way what so ever. Instead we renewed our current lease for another two years and I’m trying to decide which home decor project to tackle first this summer.

I’m ticking closer to turning thirty and so many things I was sure I’d have accomplished by then seem far away – home ownership, being a parent, owning more fabulous jewels than I know what do with. That said, thirty also seems so far away and some of the things I wasn’t so sure of are firmly in my life- a fantastic husband, a great job, a blog community I adore, amazing friends who are always there for me, and a dog that is slightly less neurotic than last year.

This past year has been about living comfortably with the person I love, strengthening friendships and enjoying our family. I’m doing well at work, my husband is as well and we go to bed every night knowing we are doing a little better each day than the day before….a few years ago, in the economic decline as I graduated from law school these were things I worried about…but not anymore.

In the past ten days three of my five bridesmaids got engaged, which has only served as a quick reminder before blowing out twenty-eight birthday candles that I’m not getting any younger. And yet, with each passing year, life gets a little sweeter, more mellow and more comfortable. I hope that my twenty ninth year continues to feel like a perfectly worn in pair of shoes- with more travel, love and dog antics than the past year.

Oh, and I’ll take any jewels being offered. What can I say, I like sparkly things.

This Versus That

Awesome: New York City.

Not Awesome: New York City when it is muggy.

Awesome: 26 media interviews.

Not Awesome: Having a check in time on set of 5:00 in the morning.

Awesome: Meeting up with old friends from blogging & college.

Not Awesome: Meeting up with old friends from blogging and college friends but having to be somewhere at 5:00 a.m.

Awesome: media interviews.

Not Awesome: media interviews in swimsuits oh my goodness what was I thinking?

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