Five on Friday

I figured I’d join many other bloggers in participating in Five on Friday- maybe help me get through a little bit of a writing funk I’m in? Lets do it.


1. I cut my hair! About 6 inches or so…I’m pleased with how much healthier it is and that I can dry it much faster. It makes wearing it straight something I can handle at home.

2. Gracie caught allll the daycare germs. First pink eye, then a nasty cold, then her first ear infection. I am thankful her daycare offers a 10% discount (up to twice a year) for a week in which you miss 3 or more days. I did buy one of those plug-in night lights with the vapor pads (this Pediacare one, affiliate link FYI) and it has helped her middle of the night coughing and stuffiness. I found it on a random shelf at Walgreens while I waited to pick up her antibiotics. B and I also learned just how hard it is to balance work & parenting with a sick kiddo. So long vacation days, it was like I never knew you.

3. March Madness has taken over our house. Go Blue!

4. Gracie started walking, and more than just a few steps here or there. Of course every video I have shows off her terrible pink eye/ear infection face (swollen, sad eyes, etc) so I’m waiting until she is feeling better to share it with the world. Everyone said her first steps would “really change things” but she was so mobile before with crawling, pulling up and using her walker that we haven’t found anything new that she can suddenly get into. That said we did finally finish child proofing the main bathroom and the kitchen cabinets because she is really obsessed with opening and closing things…only a matter of time before a food processor blade or tube of lipstick caught her eye.

5. This weather has just GOT TO GO. Today’s forecast is lovely but then we drop back into the 30s. I’m ready for wearing a light jacket and leaving my gloves at home. Yesterday it snowed on my way into the office. So uncool. Our zoo membership has gone untouched because I refuse to take my kid to the zoo during polar vortex’s, rain/sleet, or snow storms. So far finding a day without any of the above has been all but impossible.





2013: A Year in Review

Is it too late for a look back on my 2013? Eh, too bad. It was a good year and I want to look back.

January 2013:


I started looking back at 2012 (I was so timely and on top of things!) and reviewing all the books I’d read the year before. Hmm. In 2013 I didn’t read nearly as many books, unless you could repeats of The Going to Bed Book and Dear Zoo. I do not. I hit the magical 35/35 when you are 35 weeks pregnant and have 35 days until your due date, and my friends threw me an amazing baby shower. I hit full term and I discussed the more serious side of having babies- maternity leave and working moms and making it work. I wrote my last blog post before having a baby! It was about the Dryer Monster.

February 2013:





Surprise! I had a baby! She came 8 days early, and since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, we were equally  thrilled to find out we had a girl, that we call Gracie. I hardly blogged in February (surprise?) but I did capture her birth story.

March 2013: image


I didn’t blog a whole lot more in March…4 posts to be exact. I wrote my first letter to Gracie, I jotted down thoughts on essential newborn gear, and rehashed Gracie’s first two trips: a road trip and then an airplane trip. I really lived up maternity leave!

April 2013:



I went back to work in April (bittersweet) and poured out all my feelings about maternity leave. I wrote my second letter to Gracie (this…is a theme) and I mourned the loss of Dawn. I also did some crazy math (I broke out the Ti83 y’all) and figured out down to the diaper and ounce where you could get the best deals on diapers and formula. I talked about Mom Perfume and I wrote an extra letter to Gracie after I went back into the office after working from home for a month.

May 2013:

Three Months- Gracie

Three Months- Gracie


In May we moved so things got a little crazy. I wrote my letter to Gracie, deciphered Craigslist and mourned leaving our old, cozy apartment. I also discussed how people portray their spouses on social media.

June 2013:

MD2 photo-32

Another letter to Gracie as we began settling into our new house. Around this time she started sleeping in her new nursery, which was hard but awesome. I missed hearing her snuffles…but I didn’t…you know? We had her baptism, which was lovely. I discussed baby items and things no one told me about pregnancy and babies. Gracie started eating solid food.

July 2013:

IMG_4583 8445_10100225849637339_1938223396_n

Another month, another letter. I talked about the perils of offering up your seat, our vintage house and we went on our first family vacation!

August 2013:



Oh man. Gracie turned 6 months old (and I wrote a letter) so I finally shared her newborn photos….. and I started ordering things for the holidays. Man, I was on top of it.

September 2013:


I bet you can’t guess how I started…oh wait, another letter. I shared my “famous” taco pie recipe. I talked about all the baby stuff I wish I’d known about. The baby started scooting around the house.

October 2013:





October is one of my favorite months. I wrote another letter, B and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and we went to the pumpkin patch. I talked about Mom-Daughter relationships.

November 2013:





Another letter…a family trip to California….Thanksgiving. I also shared our awesome family photos.

December 2013:




Another letter! I bet you didn’t see that coming! I talked about Gracie’s Christmas goodies, and ceramic Christmas trees. I talked about the books I’ve read this year (hint: not nearly as many as 2012) and Christmas traditions. I even managed to share our Christmas menu, and recap the big day.



Reading Is My Favorite {Sponsored by Grammarly}

 I use Grammarly’s free plagiarism checker because I’m a lawyer…you know we follow the rules, and copying isn’t cool. It doesn’t hurt the checker also helps me with my abuse of commas and dangling prepositions.

It isn’t a secret that I love reading, the holidays and gift giving. Much like Joey-loves-Rachel’s-Trifle (What’s not to love?) I figured I’d mash them all together into a little holiday gift giving guide for everyone on your list (or yourself).

For the Reader

So your friend likes to read and you want to give them something they’d enjoy – and you don’t want them to think your tastes are pedestrian. Wrap up one (or two) of these and rest assured they’ll be thrilled:

The Orphan Master’s Son


This book won the Pulitizer for fiction and you guys, it is just a fascinating tale. It is well written, compelling and makes you want to find out what happens next. The book is divided into two distinct parts, and when the first one ended I was so sad- how could anything top that? Luckily I kept going and I discovered the second half, while totally different, was worth my continued perserverance.

The Passage


The first of a trilogy (the hottest new thing in literature, amirite?) this book reminds me Stephen King in the The Stand and some of his earlier writing. A little gory, suspenseful, long passages that keep you interested despite the extra words. A well written tale that leaves you wondering what will happen next- and ordering the second book despite the length of the first.


Fall of Giants


Love history? Love sweeping sagas, historical fiction, well written tales of love, adventure, war, heartbreak and more? Yeah, you’ll like this. Scratch that, you will love it. Ken Follett (author of the wildly popular Pillars of the Earth) began this novel as World War I was kicking off. It is the first of a trilogy (drink!) this book will leave you sad that the third book isn’t released yet.

 For the Chef

Everyone has the friend who loves to cook or bake and if you would like to continue to be on the receiving end of delicious food, look no further:

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook


Ah, Smitten Kitchen. She writes an awesome blog and her cookbook is divine. It has become a go-to for me when I’m preparing dinner for two or having company over for dinner. The mustard milanese is the stuff of dreams.

Flour Water Salt Yeast


This is for the baker in your life. Your homemade pizza is about to become legendary. The photography in this book is gorgeous, the recipes are mouth watering. My boss gave this to me last year for Christmas and it was the best work gift I’ve ever gotten.

For the Parents

Maybe your friend is about to become a parent, or you have a cute kid in your life that you want to send a holiday package. These books are cute for kids, fun for adults.

Boyton’s Greatest Hits


This awesome box of books contains a family favorite, “But Not the Hippopotamus” and other fun reads. Boynton’s books are cute, funny and short. Kids like how they sound, parents like that they don’t take a year to read.

A Little Books


This boxes set of books (written by a local Chicago author) are amazing. Little Hoot (an owl who just wants to go to bed!), Little Pea (he just wants some veggies for dessert!) and Little Oink (why does he have to be so messy?) all want to be like their friends…but their mean parents are forcing messy rooms, late bedtimes and candy for dinner on them. Sure to bring a smile to your face, and the artwork is adorable.

Happy reading!

I have partnered with Grammarly to help promote their new plagiarism checker. I was compensated for my writing and have been enjoying a free trial of their premium software.  My opinions have been and always will be entirely my own and I am not paid to publish positive comments. Anything that can help me polish up my writing skills is going to be something I endorse!

There are no affiliate links in this post- I make no money off your clicks!

Capturing the Silence

I know things have been quiet around here. You might not know (or care, or pay attention) but I feel the need to address it. Maybe in a few years I’ll scroll through my archives and wonder about the blank days, the words unsaid. Were things bad or terrible or not worth discussing? Hardly, so I want to at least capture why I haven’t been putting the pen to paper.

The number one reason things are quiet is that I’m busy being a Mom to the coolest little girl ever, and while I find her antics and smiles and stories of “firsts” interesting, I try to contain that to my monthly letters. I recognize not everyone wants to hear about everything, and frankly, if I wrote about her every day, after so many days of “awesome!” and “loves Cheerios” and “trying to crawl!” we’d be left with the not-so-pleasant things like diapers and the cost of formula and how many times can I hear the hippo song without wanting to smash the hippo in the face…and yeah, you don’t need that in your life. Especially the hippo song. So I try to keep my enthusiasm for Gracie in my emails and texts to people who care (or pretend to care) such as her grandparents and my like-minded Mama friends. I’m certain most of them hate the hippo too.

The other thing worth mentioning is that work is crazy busy. This is a good thing (hi, remember when the economy failed and our government shut down and the debt ceiling and….) so busy is good, but I’m slammed and I try hard not to have my computer out during my hours with Gracie so I’m often working again in the evening after she goes to bed and…I don’t blog about work or coworkers out of respect and privacy and ethical reasons and not wanting anyone I work with ever to find something I wrote that was negative and wonder if it was about them. I can’t handle that kind of drama, so I just avoid it in its entirety (professionalism!) and so when work is consuming it makes this place pretty dull.

That said, things are great. Last weekend B and I went (away!) to a wedding and his parents watched the wee one and the furry one and we went to Wisconsin where we drank wine and roasted hotdogs (fire pits outside the reception venue with DIY hot dog grilling stations!) and lit sparklers and generally enjoyed some down-time. It was just what we needed. No dog walking or baby monitor adjusting or cleaning up the kitchen before bed. We came back ready for family time and renewed ability to listen to the hippo song and give unlimited belly rubs and chin scratches and help the baby to stand, stand, more standing, help her stand!

The ultimate take away is there are not enough hours in the day, but so long as the proportion of good hours to bad stays where it is, I’m happy.

Even when I realize that much of my “life job” consists of making sure we don’t run out of diapers, dog poop bags, wipes and baby formula. *Most exciting ways to spend money, ever*

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