Things I Am Dreaming Of

1. Sunshine

2. Beaches

3. Wearing a swimsuit at a beach, pool or other body of water

4. Sunscreen

5. Frozen cocktails

6. Drinks on patios

7. Freshly mown grass

8. Barbecues

9. Sundresses

10. Being outside without 19 layers on

Sadly it appears none of these things will ever be seen in the Chicago area again.

(Woke up to a crunchy coating of ice topped by an inch of snow, and “almost record low” temperatures, WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO DESERVE THIS?)

The weather complaining has gotten tedious I know, but Chicago got 82 inches of snow this “winter” (see also: fall through spring) and you guys, that is not normal. We do not live in Fargo. This isn’t Minnesota. Our average snowfall for winter is 38 inches. I have shoveled, salted, scraped and layered my way through innumerable snow days, polar vortex’s and weather advisories. I threw boiling water into subzero air (it turns to steam and freezes, all very crazy) the first time it happened, the continuing days and weeks were all about survival. I knocked icicles, boiled water in the house and filled radiator pans with water and started using fabric softener again. I slathered my kid in Aquaphor, put spare gloves in the pocket of every coat and wore my Uggs into the ground. I stood at a train station while being pummeled by all variations of terrible winter weather and my boss got worried that no one had been in the office for weeks because it was too dangerous to venture out and commute. The lining of my coat needs repair from being worn so much. I actually wore a hat.




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2 Responses to Things I Am Dreaming Of

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  • Brittany says:

    MORE ice?! Ugh! So sorry, friend. That’s awful. I’ve been craving a pina colada. I actually found a restaurant a couple of blocks away, and I’m inching nearer to throwing any shame at drinking one while not at an actual beach out the window.

  • Jonelle says:

    Ugh. Couldn’t agree more. I’m in Indianapolis. I think we actually had more snow than you guys this year, which is just another indicator of how crazy this winter has been. After seeing snow this morning, I threw in the towel as well.

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