Rampant Consumerism: 2nd & 3rd Trimester

Awhile back I shared the items that got me through the first trimester as comfortably as possible (considering the nausea, the puking, the exhaustion and general malaise). I figured I’d do the same for the 2nd and 3rd trimester. The list isn’t particularly exciting or fabulous, but maybe something that helped me will help someone else.  All of these items were paid for by yours truly (or gifts from friends who paid for the item with their own money), and none of the links are affiliate links.

Humidifier & Neti Pot


I’ve been suffering from (the always sexy) pregnancy rhinitis and pregnancy related bloody noses for some time now. Sleeping with a humidifier in our room and using my neti pot nightly have greatly reduced the number of bloody noses I get and helped to cut down on some of the congestion. Bonus: the moisture from the humidifier is probably really nice for my dry skin as well. I also credit the neti pot with helping me stay as sniffle-free as possible.

Brita Water Bottles



At the end of the day what I really suggest is just carrying a water bottle with you at all times, but these water bottles are worth the extra few dollars for the little filter they have in them – you can refill your bottle from whatever drinking fountain your heart desires (even the slightly sketchy one at work that makes weird noises) and the filter will help keep the water tasting as fresh as possible. As someone who can’t drink enough water, I highly recommend.

Moon Valley Tummy Bar & Bio Oil


The Tummy Bar is a carryover from my original post, but I’m on my 2nd bar and I love it- it will be a go-to gift for any of my friends who find themselves pregnant. Sure, the tummy bar smells like nothing and Bio Oil is oddly reminiscent of a nursing home, but between the two I’ve managed to keep my itching to a minimum. I recommend buying Bio Oil at Costco if you can, you get a “freebie” 3 oz bottle that you can travel through airport security with (just be sure to double bag it in case of leaks). I’ll admit that I don’t have any stretch marks with this combo, but of course I’ve read that stretch marks are both 100% genetic (i.e. these products have nothing to do with it) and that you can still get stretch marks up until the week after you deliver- so take my endorsement with those grains of salt.

Mini Luna & KIND Granola Bars


That adage that pregnant women are always hungry isn’t necessarily true, but I will find I am often struck by hunger at inopportune times (and never with any particular regularity or pattern). I’ve taken to tossing a few of these mini bars in my purse- they don’t take up much room and they are perfect for taking the edge off, especially when I find myself starving while I’m out running errands an hour before a much-anticipated dinner reservation. When I was suffering from morning sickness I loved the small size- enough to keep my stomach from growling, but I could eat it in just a few bites, which was necessary when the thought of eating anything was just exhausting or petrifying.


GAP Maternity Yoga Pants & Lululemon Astro WunderUnder Crops


I pretty much live in these two pairs of pants on the weekends and they look just as good as when I bought them. The GAP pair is obviously from their maternity section (with a waist band that dips down under your belly) and the Astro WunderUnders are not maternity, but I just pull the front waist down under my belly and they work very well. Both pairs of pants are soft and don’t pinch or shimmy down my hips, which is a problem with other “demi” or non-full panel maternity pants that I’ve tried. Bonus: I can wear both of them after the baby by pulling the waist band up to a normal level. Whoo! (Updated in 2014: Gap doesn’t make those yoga pants anymore, BOOHISS, but these are pretty close, with a folder over waist instead of a dip waist).

Soft Sleeping Bras – Target carries a few types/brands of sleep bras and they seem a little silly at first, but just trust me: they are 100% worth the $10 a pop you spend on them. I have two from different brands (Gilligan & O’Malley, Basics by Bravado) and I like them both. Alternatively you could use a comfy sports bra, but just wearing something as you sleep is necessary for comfort.

The Laundress Baby Detergent  & All Purpose Bleach Alternative


Ok fine, this isn’t really for me but I can’t tell you how one whiff of that soap makes me smile. According to my research (highly scientific internet sleuthing, make of that what you will) this is the most lightly scented of all baby wash. Of course if the baby has truly sensitive skin we might have to move to a completely “free and clear” wash but for now this meets my first time mom needs of having itty bitty baby items that smell delicious. I bought the bleach alternative as a sensitive-skin friendly alternative to OxyClean and used it on a few stained white items for a test run – it worked beautifully. I’m hopeful that it does the trick on truly awful baby messes. (I bought the unscented bleach alternative.) Speaking of baby laundry: I’ve invested in a few mesh hosiery bags to zip tiny socks and hats into and I’m hopeful it keeps the Sock Monster from eating too many pairs of baby socks.

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  • I used cocoa butter lotion regularly, excersised, ate well and only gained 25lbs throughout my pregnancy. However I still got stretch marks! Although I didn’t even see any appear until after my baby was born. That was 9 months ago and thankfully they have faded significantly. I guess some ppl have skin with more elasticity than others! Hopefully you’re one of those people!

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