Looking Back, Barreling Forward

2012 was a year of ups, downs and lots of twists and turns. A big theme of this year was change- lots of change- but so much of it was good I can’t complain.

Over the course of the year four of my five bridesmaids got married so we spent a lot of time traveling to enjoy festivities in different cities.

In January we celebrated a wedding, New Year’s Eve and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans and it was a great way to kick off the year.


In February there was the unspeakable incident of the wine & the couch and we redid our living room out of necessity. In March we traveled down to Tampa for another fantastic wedding and we ate way too much delicious food.


April was more low-key and I got to reminisce about marriage and cooking meals for others. In May we traveled again, this time for another wedding in Florida.



When I got home I got my appendix taken out just in time for the end of the month and my 29th birthday. I sure know how to live it up. Shortly after (as in, a few days later) we found out we were pregnant which led to a very, very quiet June around these parts as I recovered from surgery, dealt with morning sickness, and tried really hard not to spill the beans. But I did get to share my “famous” family gila monster story.

In early July my parents, brother and nephew came out for a visit- we had the best weekend exploring the city and hanging out. Ok fine, and resting as well.


July also meant I finally got to share our big news – our first baby, dubbed “Exhibit A” is on the way.


Then I pretty much disappeared into a haze of terrible morning sickness and horribleness. In August we upgraded to a king sized bed (glory, glory Hallelujah) and I shared my first belly photo…..


September brought more wedding travel- B went to a wedding in Detroit and I headed out for a wedding in Virginia, where I debuted maternity cocktail attire.


By the end of the month we hit the halfway mark of pregnancy – an exciting milestone. The belly continued to grow:


October brought another huge change for our family, B started a new job (that is going quite well) and we became a couple that commuted to work together. It has certainly been a learning experience. We also celebrated our third wedding anniversary and I traveled to New York for work.  We also drove back to Michigan for a baby shower where we were spoiled with love from family and friends.

November began the holiday season and brought an update on my parents new beehive. (Haaaa, I still laugh that my parents have a beehive.)


We prepped for Thanksgiving, we watched a lot of football and by the end of the month? Twenty nine weeks pregnant. Time flies!


We started December off with a double whammy of travel- first we flew to Utah to visit my family (who threw us another wonderful baby shower) and then we flew to Philadelphia to attend the Army-Navy football game with a good portion of my Dad’s family. Needless to say we logged a lot of frequent flier miles in 2012.


We celebrated the holidays and generally spent the last part of the year enjoying each other’s company and that of the dog. Who, incidentally, is feeling very left out of this wrap up. Have no fear, he is still the light of our life who snuggles our feet, chases his tail and generally keeps us laughing on a regular basis.

rb 3


So as the year wrapped up we celebrated with some close friends and champagne/sparkling cider and 1920’s attire (while 8 months pregnant):


I continue to grow….. and we look forward to what the next year brings us. If we have half as many laughs (and at least a few trips) it will be a fantastic year indeed. Yesterday I asked B what his favorite moment of 2012 was, and he immediately responded that it was finding out that we were pregnant. So while 2012 might have been a little “baby heavy” in comparison to years past, we are gearing up for what is to come and couldn’t be more excited.



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