Go Army!

This past weekend, at 31 weeks pregnant I flew with my husband parents to attend an outdoor football game for 6+ hours in Philadelphia. Some might call it crazy, but it was a chance to go to the Army-Navy football game while my cousin is still at West Point and without trying to keep a baby warm and happy in an Ergo so off we went. Any time you can get 1/3 of my Dad’s family in the same town you’ve achieved a miracle (big family + busy schedules + we live all over the country) so the fact that I got to catch up with cousins, aunts and uncles added to the fun of the weekend. Two of my Dad’s brothers attended West Point so members of my family have been attending the game for years, but it was my first time going. (That said, our combined record of watching Army losses is enough for someone to persuasively argue we should all quit going.)

Although the game didn’t start until 3, the march on began at 12:16, which is when the Navy Midshipmen march onto the field and then go to their seats, followed by the West Point Cadet march on. It was worth getting there early to watch.

Although it was chilly we all came prepared. I was scared it would rain since my rain jacket and ski coat both quit fitting some time ago, but my Mom brought me one of my Dad’s old ski shells that I could cover myself up with if need be. It was so stylish, (sarcasm font) but luckily the rain stayed away, even if it was grey and windy. As it turns out, attending an outdoor football game pregnant in the winter is a great idea- you bring a built in heater.

Although the game didn’t end the way we would have liked (with a heartbreaking final drive at the end that crushed the spirit of all Army fans) it was still a great day with family. I’m glad I was finally able to go and see my cousin in his element (those Army uniforms are very dashing) so to speak, and to catch up with family before the baby comes.

Although the game took up most of the weekend, we did manage to make it to the Reading Terminal Market (amazing, like a hybrid of Chelsea Market in New York and Pike’s Place Market in Seattle) and to Pietro’s Pizza for dinner, which was some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Now we are home and recovering and I’m happy to say there is no more travel on the agenda between now and the baby….whose due date was 2 months from yesterday. *Falls over dead*

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  • David W. says:

    What a great game it was fun to watch on TV. Thought Army was going to pull it out. Really fun idea to get the family together for your cousins last year.

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