33 & 34

I’ve passed the 34 week mark and am now slowly inching towards 35 weeks aka “You should probably at least sign up for some child birthing classes and make sure you have some newborn diapers in the house” so that is exactly what we’ve been doing. We finally began to deep clean the 2nd bedroom (where the baby’s “stuff” will live until we move) and put together a storage shelf unit and sorted all of his or her clothes into appropriate size piles. We are not completely done but here are a few of the fun details:





For now there is no nursery artwork or pretty crib bedding or soft rugs to play on, but those items are being procured and stored for our spring move. Sure the room looks a little disjointed – one corner holds our small home office (I work from home 3 days a week) and a good portion of it is dedicated to our guest bed and bedside tables, but you can now open the closet door without our golf clubs falling out on top of you and guests have a place to put their suitcase that doesn’t involve precariously balancing it on top of a car seat box or moving a pile of baby blankets. I finally feel like I have a hold of our baby inventory and now know where we are all good and what items need to be added to our shopping list. Also? We have 30 newborn diapers and one package of size 1 diapers and a Target nearby. I think we’ll be ok.

33.5 Weeks

33.5 Weeks

Last week I had a doctor’s appointment where they confirmed that all is well and good and now we are just in the time frame of lots of waiting and checking and ensuring everything is still all good while we wait. The baby is head-down, (being breech was a big concern thanks to some medical nonsense on my side) and everyone seems pleased that the baby flipped head down we have our fingers crossed he or she remains that way. My creepy baby produce app compared the baby to a pineapple last week and I spent every morning shuddering as I saw that comparison – a large prickly fruit, how kind creepy app creators, but we’ve moved onto “large cantaloupe” (you know, not a small cantaloupe) and I’m feeling better, at least in the sense that I’m not going to have to birth anything with spikes. (Please excuse my slightly haggard photo below…oy.)

34.2 Weeks

34.2 Weeks

We’ve been waiting to take a majority of our classes when our health savings account renewed only to find out that my health savings account only covers one of the three classes we planned on taking and now I’m feeling sheepish for not getting more out of the way in November and December- oh well, live and learn. Next weekend we plan on installing our car seat, and to put it in the words of B “Well that makes it awfully real now, doesn’t it?” and well, YES. YES IT DOES. I’m holding off on washing any baby blankets or clothes until 37 weeks, but since that is only about 2.5 weeks away, I guess I should buy some mesh lingerie/small item wash bags so I’m ready when the time comes. (I’m pretty sure our washing machine will eat all baby socks not firmly zipped into a mesh bag.) I might even buy a diaper bag soon! And some things I need to pack in my hospital bag!

As far as how I feel physically…I’m doing well. Knock on wood, but I haven’t had any swelling (my feet shoes and wedding rings continue to fit just fine) and I’m still just battling heartburn and general fatigue. I can only sleep for about an hour and a half to two hours before I wake up and have to use the restroom and awkwardly reposition myself on the opposite hip (and speaking of hips, oh man are mine sore) but other than that, I really do feel fine. I still can’t eat much in a single sitting so I feel like I’m constantly grazing for a snack, which is both novel and annoying. For once I’d just like to finish what is on my plate, but hey, that time will come I’m sure.

And so we wait. 6ish weeks to go, give or take….. 2013, you are sure to be different.

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