Twenty Six

Twenty six weeks pregnant, creeping ever closer to the third trimester. I rang in the twenty six week marker by attending the baby shower of a good friend who is due a week before me, and saw our other good friend there who is due the week behind me. A party trick if you ever saw one. People were tickled by the triple pregnancy (we span the month of February in due dates) and when we were all hanging out after we amused everyone further by inadvertently sitting in a row and munching on some chips. Trifecta of pregnant chip nibbling!  


(Filed under: things I considered saying but didn’t as I was too busy cramming Cool Ranch Doritos into my mouth, something I haven’t eaten in at least 5 years, but damn, they are pretty tasty, no?)

Of course when you see your friends who are due around the same time as you and discover that you are definitely holding up the rear in “baby preparation” a fire is lit under your feet, so yesterday B moved even more items over to our storage unit which allowed for some rearranging of our second bedroom (no longer the Room of Requirement). Since we are moving in early May (due in early February) we have been struggling with how much we set up just to take it down and set it all up again. Our current plan (that is always in motion) looks something like this:

  • Store all baby furniture (crib, dresser, book shelf, crib mattress, crib linens) and nursery decor in our storage unit until we move, so we are not assembling, unassembling and reassambling items. Keeping them safe in their original packaging seems like the best plan to ensure it all arrives at the new house in one non-scratched piece.
  • Set up a pack’n’play with bassinett in our room with the humidifier and white noise app on our phone (and a chair that rocks/diaper supplies) for those first 3 months, with the idea that baby will transition to the new nursery when we move.
  • Set up a storage console/shelf system/thing I found at Costco with baskets in our 2nd bedroom to store the “immediate need” baby clothes, swaddling blankets, diapers, etc, along with a dedicated diaper changing station and place to store all of that nonsense. (I know, I know, we can and will change diapers everywhere including our room but you have to store the bulk of the supplies somewhere, and trust me, in our cozy condo, the 2nd bedroom/diaper station isn’t far from anything.)

Now that we have a plan I can go back to my other (insane) worry that OH MY GOODNESS WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH BABY CLOTHES.

I know.

But when you don’t know what you are having, your clothing options are more limited (and in some people’s opinions not as cute) so we are not swimming in itsy bitsy baby items as many expecting parents are at this stage. I recognize we have 3 months to find more sleepers and gowns and I know that the stores will still exist after the baby is born, but it doesn’t stop me from fretting that my baby will be naked and cold two days after we get home from the hospital.  If this is my greatest fear, I figure I’m doing well.

Ok fine, I’m also worried about having enough thick, warm bath towels because apparently in my mind I live in the North Pole and don’t have heat in my house. Moving on.

This weekend thanks to Grandma Milly we also ordered our crib, (which after inspection goes straight to the storage unit) because man, they like to rotate stock on cribs fairly often. As soon as I’d get my mind set on something it would be out of stock or only available in navy blue or blah, blah blah. Our crib looks like this:

White. Neutral. Made with real wood not compressed particle board and JPMA certified, blah blah blah. Cribs: where you can spend $99 to $5,000 and all of them are going to pass the current US stafety standards so really, have fun figuring out what you care about! (The Ikea $99 crib? Rave reviews, go figure.) (We went with the Davinci Jacob crib.) Next up: crib mattress decisions, where firmer is better, organic is nice but since all cribs have to be doused in flame retardants is it really worth the price tag, do you want a dual sided mattress, is the cover water proof, is it light weight enough for middle of the night sheet changes, blah, blah, blah, brain explosion. (We think we found a very firm, non-organic  but made with more natural materials crib mattress that fits our budget and our needs, until of course the newest model comes out and we are gripped with indecision yet again.)

In other news I enrolled for our health benefits for 2013 and man did I spend a lot of time weighing plan options and life insurance amounts and HSA contributions – being a grown up is so fun. It still remains to be seen exactly what lactation consulting and supplies my plan offers (other than a vague “yes we offer that now”) which means I’ve made entirely too many phone calls that required me to use words I don’t normally use in mixed company.

And finally, for my own personal posterity: heartburn is under control thanks to a double whammy of drugs, nausea remains mostly contained although I still get full after eating bird-like amounts of food (I’m eyeing my favorite holiday foods with grim determination) and last night I roasted a turkey breast for the sole purpose of carving it up after dinner for use in turkey sandwiches this week. I have my bread and fixings ready to go and I look forward to enjoying a turkey sandwich extravaganza! Or at least half a sandwich for lunch and a half of a sandwich for an afternoon snack, THANKS APPETITE. My back tends to get sore quickly and if I stand or walk for too long I get Braxton Hicks contractions which I figure is my body’s way of saying I need to sit down and drink some water. This might be why I’m not super hungry, I drink the equivalent of the Nile River every damn day.



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