Holiday Card Hunt 2012

It is no secret that I start my hunt for Christmas cards early. In fact, my blog tells me that last year I wrote about my 2011 search on October 7th. While I personally have no shame in shopping for cards in early fall (more on this in a minute) I was informed by my friend Katie that the madness had to stop. This year I itched and sweated and held out until November 3rd when I ordered my cards with glee and coupon codes.

My top reasons for ordering holiday cards early:

– I pay less because there are better coupon codes earlier in the “season” (you know, that fall-turkey-winter-Santa season that is now all mushed together thanks Corporate America Retailers)

– I have plenty of time to address the cards so I don’t have to write out 100 envelopes in 2 days with hand cramps reminiscent of taking the essay portion of the bar exam

– I don’t stress about taking the perfect photo in time to order my cards- I pick a “no photo” card and then once I have the photo I can just print copies at Costco in an hour or so and stuff the envelopes with the image. Bonus: my parents and Grandma like that they can then frame the photo for their Wall of Family Members.

I don’t know if the “no photo card” tradition will continue after the baby is born, but for now it works quite well for us. My favorite place to order cards from these days is Minted, although I always find things I like on Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Etsy. The reason I typically give into Minted: the standard card stock they print on is deliciously thick and I’m a sucker for good paper with crisp printing. So this years top contenders for the  (non-sponsored, I paid for this with my own money, I just happen to really like talking about Christmas cards) Daisy-B family card?

Oh Joy-

Merry Christmas-

Be Merry-

Be Merry  Bright-

Oh Joy (the second)-


One of these card will grace the mailboxes of our family friends this December. I won’t lie, sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Growing up we moved around a lot thanks to the military, so cards around the holidays were a great way to stay in touch with our friends and family that were scattered all over the globe. Even now my Mom saves all the cards they get so the next time I’m home I can sit down and flip through them all, looking at school photos and reading about family vacations, college applications and new babies. It is a nice way to feel connected and there is something more tangible about a card and a printed photo than a Facebook update or text message. Call me old-fashioned, but nothing really beats that warm feeling you get when you find a card in your mail box, that someone took the time to address, stamp and write. Happy card hunting!

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4 Responses to Holiday Card Hunt 2012

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  • Melissa says:

    I have narrowed down our holiday cards already as well. I have two designs setup in Shutterfly and I just have to choose and pull the trigger. I always use our Family Photos that we take in the fall for the cards, so I choose photo versions, but I love your method too. I love being so prepared this year, the cards are just the start!

  • Tawny says:

    My two favorites are the first two.

    I bought my cards last year on clearance. I found assortment boxes of “handmade” cards that were a steal. Since we are expecting we decided to do a maternity photo to insert.

  • Lindsay says:

    These are all so, so adorable! Good luck narrowing that down! I’m more of a photo holiday card, but the photo is one that I’ve taken and doesn’t include me in it. However, a good friend from college launched her own stationery line about a year ago and I’m obsessed with so many of her prints! Here’s a link:

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