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This post is a re-post from November, 2010. Don’t worry, you probably don’t remember my prolific words. 

Growing up I learned lot of life lessons. You never put dark meat in chicken salad. You don’t wear white shoes or pants after Labor Day. A lady’s name is only in the paper three times; upon her birth, her marriage and her death. When bringing a home cooked dish to someone else, you never prepare a recipe they have given you. Change your underpants every day, you wouldn’t want that emergency room doctor giggling at your dirty skiivies. You don’t discuss sex, religion or politics in mixed company. As I’ve gotten older, I try to adhere to most of these life lessons, either out of habit or an ingrained….habit.

And while many bloggers do discuss sex, religion and politics I tend to steer clear. With a beagle as adorable as mine, it isn’t like I am often short on material anyway. Besides, I figure, other people probably write about things better than I would, and I’m content to let them pave the way while I wax rhapsodic about…..other important things. Like shoes and cooking and abnormal obsession with moccasins (the kind for your feet).

ANYWAY. What I”m about to say is that I’m about to break a golden rule and talk about a forbidden subject, namely politics.

I’m not going to tell you how I feel about platforms or how I feel about Republicans or Democrats or hot button issues like immigration or taxes or health care reform. I will however share these politically inclined facts with you:

1. I’ve met both President Obama and Vice President Biden. Both meetings were at a small, intimate party being hosted by a former employer of mine who was friends (loosely speaking) with both politicians. Life experience right there, drinking coffee and eating over priced pastries with POTUS, you know what I mean? I’m pretty sure my parents have met Mitt Romney, or at least seen him in action, which goes with the territory of being Salt Lake City Olympic volunteers for the entire Games.

2. I’ve also met Justice Scalia and Justice Ginsberg, at very different functions at different points in my life. Supreme Court Justices: Smaller Than They Appear on Television.

3. I have voted in every election I’ve been eligible to vote in because I think voting is an important, fundamental right. I think it would be a disgrace to every woman who fought for my right to vote to not exercise my right.

4. In 4th grade my school had a mock election to teach us about the presidential election that was going on at the time. This might or might not have led to tears at some point in the 24 hours following.

5. In 11th grade my friend’s father was running for city council and her family asked if my family would put a sign in our front yard to support him. My Dad put me in charge of hammering it into the ground. One thing led to another and after spending half an hour in the front yard seeing stars I quit caring that the sign was crooked. My chin swelled to epic Jay Leno proportions and ever since then I’ve taken a firm stand against yard signs. Not in my grass, thanks. (Don’t bend over a sign and yank upwards if you think you’d like to fix its installation.)

6. After I got married I applied to have my name changed in voting records. A few weeks later I received two new copies of my voter registration card: one in my maiden name, and one in my new married name. Voting fraud: alive and well in Chicago! (Relax. I’m only going to vote once. Sheesh.) This means that I get jury duty under both names which is how I once got two jury duty summons a week apart.

7. My husband has very thick lovely hair and if he waits too long between hair cuts he is called Rod Blagojevich. I wouldn’t recommend cracking that joke in front of him as it does not go over well.

8. I’ve read the entire health care reform bill. Twice. I also read the versions that came before it and the entire Reconciliation Act. I have also read every CMS document regarding what preventative care your insurance carrier has to cover, and how it should work. If you want to talk about health care with me, bring facts not emotions.

9. If you are a politician and you want my vote, run on a platform of ending political email forwards, especially ones with flashing banners and dancing emoticons.

10. And finally, my new little saying: no vote-y, no complain-y.

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