99 Days

Today marks double digits. 99 days until our due date. Say whaaaaat?

In honor of this occasion, we actually procured some baby items. Important ones, like a car seat!

We went with the Chicco Keyfit 30 in Midori, aka bright green. All of my research told me this: if you go with a Graco Snugride, a Chicco Keyfit, or any of the heavy as all get-out Peg Perego or Britax carseats, you will probably be a happy consumer with a safe carseat. So you choice ultimately comes down to weighing the costs, the size of your backseat, the aesthetics of the seat and how big your arm muscles are. Oh and stroller compatibility. Nowadays a carseat is worth nothing if you can’t snap it into your stroller of choice. We ended up with a Chicco carseat. I liked that the harness straps came with drool covers already on them since Carseat Rules are very strict and tell you that you can’t add ANYTHING to your carseat that didn’t come from the manufacturer. First time Mom = compulsive rule follower. (No judgies to you if you chose to add things, I’m just sharing my rationale.) So far I am very happy with this car seat choice, seeing as how I took it out of the box for 10 minutes, determined all the appropriate pieces had been included, and put it back in the box. My friends rave about it though, and taking it in and out of the base is very easy (once you remember which button to push, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oops.)

We also ordered our high chair. Of course the high chair is going straight into our storage unit, but we had a great coupon and blah blah blah, it is ordered and here. It is very space age if I do say so myself:

We went with the Boon Flair in the coconut/tangerine color combo. High chairs are the kind of thing you can spend anywhere from $25 to $350 dollars on. They all come down to personal preference. When we thought about what we wanted in a high chair, the Boon matched up most closely with our “needs” list-

  • Small footprint (condo living)
  • No fabric/completely wipe-able
  • Ability to use with a tray and at the table without a tray

Somewhere along the way I read that babies that can sit at the table in their high chair at adult meal time learn good social and eating skills. I have no idea if this is true, but I liked the theory. (I’m very scientific.) But I know that the baby will have plenty of meals to eat on his or her own schedule. The Boon Flair has a pneumatic pump (think barber shop chair) so we can adjust the height to pull it up to our breakfast bar, our dining room table, or a comfortable height to sit and feed said baby while the tray is attached. It has wheels for easy moving and can be wheeled straight into a shower and hosed down if need be. WIN. It isn’t the smallest high chair on the market, but it isn’t huge either. Also, the tray is quite small and the tray liner fits in a regular dishwasher, another big win.

Both of these items were purchased with our own money and some gift cards we were given at our baby shower- no paid product endorsements here.

99 days. That seems……close. Very, very close.

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  • So soon! This is getting exciting lady! BTW, this quote “So far I am very happy with this car seat choice, seeing as how I took it out of the box for 10 minutes, determined all the appropriate pieces had been included, and put it back in the box.” made my day… FYI. :)

  • melissa says:

    we have the boon and we love it. our 6-month-old is just now stable enough to sit up in it without support, but starting at about 4 months he could sit in there with rolled up hand towels on either side of him to keep him upright. give him a toy or two and, presto! you have five minutes to prep dinner or whatever.

  • melissa says:

    (i realize the rolled up hand towels are not super duper classy. sometimes you get to that “whatever works” point.)

  • We have that high chair and while it is super convenient with the rolling around and the no-fabric easy-cleanup, my issue with it is the between-the-legs saddle-like piece. We put LG in this chair around 7-months-old and even then she didn’t fit with that piece in (CHUBBY THIGHS.) We immediately removed it (easy — just three screws) and it hasn’t made a noticeable difference, safety-wise. Anyway, now you know if you too have a chubby-thighed baby (CROSSES FINGERS) it’s easy to get around that by just removing that piece.

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