Twenty Five

The twenty five week marker has come and gone (Saturdays are my flip days) and we continue the pattern of having nothing particularly eventful to report. I’ll take uneventful though, as it means things are going well and as they should. I did have an extra doctor’s appointment last week to check out a horrific and never ending stomach ache that I couldn’t kick, and I was given the lovely (both sounding and in practice) GERD diagnosis (heartburn on steroids) and a prescription for some heavy duty antacids. A few days into the prescription and I’m happy to report I’m feeling much better and the stomach ache has dissipated. Also, check out my unintentional toe-pop- below. Fashion blogger I am not: 

This past weekend B and I drove to Detroit with the dog and spent the weekend with my in-laws. The drive went surprisingly well (I was convinced we’d be stopping every 30 miles for restroom breaks) and while we were there my mother in law threw a baby shower for us. It is a little on the early side (see also: 25 weeks) but with travel restrictions and winter weather and being practical and blah blah blah, the end of October it was. The shower was wonderful and B and I left feeling very spoiled and loved. Or at least the baby is, ha! My mother in law asked everyone to bring a children’s book rather than a card, and so Exhibit A has quite the little library already. I had a nice time last night flipping through some old favorites and remembering the characters and stories – children’s literature really has come long way, and I loved to read and be read to as a child. It is one of the few traits that I actively hope and pray this baby inherits. I am all for unique personalities and individual interests, but reading is such a joy in my life (cue: sappy eye rolls) and I hope it is the same for my child.

Ahem. Anyway. Sorry for “reading is fun” speech. I am having a hard time believing that November starts this week, and with November comes Thanksgiving weekend which is when I am the Hostest with the Mostest. Every year we host Thanksgiving dinner for family, and then we have a big chili party for the Michigan- Ohio State football game the Saturday after. I’m normally a pretty prepared person (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!) but since I seem to be growing bigger and my kitchen isn’t doing the same, this is my week to tackle a few items that freeze really well- namely, Thanksgiving morning cinnamon rolls and pumpkin chocolate cheesecake for Thanksgiving dessert. I’m also slowly working on my menu, a task that I’ll be sharing in part over at a new feature I’m working on, Curvy Girl Courses.

As far as getting ready for the baby…our Room of Requirement is growing smaller by the day as we put baby related things in a growing tower in the corner. Our car seat and high chair are on the way (although the high chair, our holiday decorations and other miscellaneous items are all going on a trip to our nearby storage unit that we are procuring this week) and there are diapers and baby wipes in the house. I don’t have another doctor’s appointment until mid-November (which is…hmm…weird…a little over 2 weeks away, WHAT?) but I got to hear Exhibit A’s heartbeat twice last week and his or her frequent kicks and jabs let me know that he or she is a fan of rock music, football games and when the dog snuggles up to my belly.


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