Pinterrible: Cocktails & Mocktails

Today’s first two Pinterrible submissions come to us from gentle readers. First up:

Adult..Capri Suns?


I just don’t get how this is a thing. Lets face it, unless you live in New Orleans or historic Savannah or some other (awesome) place, most cities, parks, zoos and the like have open container laws. Not that these laws stop enterprising young college kids, but nonetheless, they exist. And this just seems…spill-y. We all know one of those bags is going to open right up and spill your vodka lemonade all over your hands and now you are booze-free and sticky. And the sliced lemon for aesthetic purposes….is this going to convince the police officer giving you an open container ticket to go easy on you? “Please Officer, see how Martha Stewart I am?” 

This is worthy of Pinterest how?


Ok, this pin was invented by enterprising young college students, but, uh, this takes the drinking in public thing to a whole new level. Just exactly who do you think you are fooling? Are your refill beers cunningly tucked into the pouch pockets of your sorority hoodie sweatshirt? Please excuse my disdain, but knowing I might like to have a cocktail or twenty in public, I had the good sense to go to college in a town where there were no open container laws. It isn’t that this pin doesn’t depict a halfway decent idea for discreet boozers everywhere, but the fact that it became a Pinterest pin is just…dumb. This isn’t a DIY craft or pretty imagery, this is a trick handed down for generations among fraternity brothers. Also, drinking beer out of a straw? Yuck.

Shrimp in a cocktail?

Source: via Richard on Pinterest


That is just disgusting. End rant.

Spooky Halloween Libations

Source: via Kate on Pinterest


There are spooky Halloween cocktails and then there are disgusting unappealing creations photographed being held by someone with dirty fingernails. I hate to be a party pooper, but I don’t drink anything that resembles curdled milk vomit. Pinterest is a visual website, people understand that, yes?

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7 Responses to Pinterrible: Cocktails & Mocktails

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  • amanda says:

    This is sort of off topic, but the capri sun photo reminded me of Jazz Fest a few years ago. We had the brilliant idea to sneak in Superior margaritas (duh) and put about 5 in our friend’s backpack. Yay, we make it through security and it’s maragrita time…except the cheap stryrofoam imploded and his entire bag was filled with a sugary, sweet tequila mess. Confession: I was not sad for him; just sad we lost the 5 $18 (each) double Herradura margaritas. Proof that Superior Grill sucks! (except when you want a margarita during Mardi Gras. Or on a Saturday at 2.)

  • amanda says:

    Gah, please ignore my typos. I am sitting in a Shreveport hotel room after days of depositions and my ipad skills suck!! Get me back to New Orleans!

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