A Tale of Two Dogs

When we are at home, save for the five exciting minutes when we come from work/grocery/life events, Rhett Butler is a pretty sedentary dog.

For example:

However, all bets are off when he gets to take a car ride to Detroit to visit his Grandma and Grandpa, aka my in-laws. The minute you get off the interstate and start making your way through their neighborhood, his interest is piqued. He sniffs and once you turn down their road, he is THE WORLD’S MOST EXCITED DOG, OH MY GOD MOM, GET ME THERE, GET ME THERE, GET ME THERE. This past weekend he and B took a trip to Detroit (for a wedding) and it pretty much went down like it always does: insane excitement at the prospect of Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

The reason for this insane excitement is two-fold. One, my father-in-law is willing to pet Rhett Butler for extensive periods of time, while allowing the dog to sit in his lap (they enjoy watching football, the Discovery Channel and other various learning shows) and the fact that my in-laws have carpet.


In case you were wondering, carpet allows traction and back scratching and belly rolling, unlike his parents oh-so-cruel hardwood floors. Carpet allows small beagle whippets to run in tight circles, toss their toys with reckless abandon while “swimming” on their backs and generally act like total fools. So much so that Rhett Butler came home withrug burnon his belly. B told me that every time the urge struck him, or during any moment of excitment, Rhett Butler would army-crawl with a toy in his mouth, all through the living room, happy as a clam. His insane “YAY CARPET, YAY GRANDPA, YAY DETROIT” mentality goes so far as to turn him from a regular old beagle on a walk to something more like this:

My mother-in-law actually got a few great photos of him spazzing out, but technology is conspiring against me so I can’t share them. Womp womp.

Don’t be alarmed though. We are back in Chicago and back to the same old same old.

We fully anticipate the dog asking for carpet for Christmas. He is going to be so disappointed.

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