King Sized

Awhile back B and I discussed getting a king sized bed. After a long discussion we decided to wait, despite the fact that we were passing up the deal of the century. King sized sheets are expensive, or so I hear.

And that was the end of that.

This week B suddenly asked me about the king sized bed again, specifically, when should we bite the bullet and set up delivery. I was surprised about this change of heart and I told him I thought we’d decided against it for the time being. He told me he thought about it some more and changed his mind. I figured I’d think about it and I went about my business, brushing my teeth and generally getting ready when it hit me.

B doesn’t like sleeping with me, my pregnancy pillow, the dog and my cover-stealing ways.



+ the Snoogle

+ the dog

+ imagine me stealing ALL of the covers.

And when I asked him about it? He totally confessed that my recent method of sleeping has been the “Take Up the Entire Bed” routine, and he doesn’t think he can do it until February. So we are getting a king sized bed.

Touche husband, touche.

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  • Shannon says:

    As someone who often has a little one climbing into bed, I can tell you you’ll definitely be glad to have the king sized bed once the munchkin is here:)

  • Jodi (JS) says:

    If you loathe flat sheets(like I do), & never have enough pillow cases (like I do) I suggest using the ‘useless’ flat sheets (that come in the set) to make more pillow cases. This allows you to make use of the (at least in my house) flat sheet & get yourself several more pillow cases w/out having to purchase them. If you’re crafty & can sew them great, and if you can’t…… find a very nice friend that is crafty. All they need is one pillow case that works (or the measurements), and the flat sheet and in no time at all you have many, many, extra pillow cases for no extra charge!

  • Kristin says:

    1. The extra pillows will be so hard to give up, I still sleep with too many, much to my husbands chagrin.

    2. My husband annoys me to no end with the blankets on/off routine, so I gave up on caring what it looked like, and got two twins, no more sharing. If we have to make it pretty I have a thin, huge quilt I put over them.

  • Kate says:

    This is a smart thing to do now. We had this same realization… and then I wanted to do my research and shop all my options. When I finally found my dream bed, it had a delivery date of January. FAIL.

    But, I will say, those last 30 days of pregnancy sleep were about as good as they were going to get once that sucker finally arrived.

  • CP says:

    when I was pg, I wanted a snoogle so badly!!! We’ve been “talking” about getting a king-sized bed for a month. We’ve even tested a whole bunch of them and my husband did a ton of research. When we were about to pull the trigger, he decided he needed to test even MORE first. I think we’ll never get one! Maybe I should buy a snoogle now….

  • Desiree says:

    The hubs wanted a king size bed when I was prego as well but we never caved. Now as I’m about to purchase new linens he’s brought it up again. I just keep thinking he’d feel too far away in a king. When we sleep in king size hotel beds there this valley of no man’s land between us ha!

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