All You Need Is Love

B and I just returned from Boca Raton with a little bit of color on our cheeks and sand in the corners of our suitcase. One of my very best friends (referred to around these parts as Petrified Apple Girl, or PAG for short, and yes the story is quite long and involves a petrified apple) got married over the weekend which is to say there was a lot of hugs and happiness. Watching your very closest friends get married exciting and sentimental and joyous and a little bit stressful all rolled into one. (I’m looking at you limo company of despair.)

Even though we were there for a wedding, the bride graciously built a lot of pool-ocean-relaxation time into our schedule. So we did a lot of this, while wearing layers of SPF 50 and sunhats and carefully adjusting bathing suit straps:

There is nothing more relaxing than an early morning cup of coffee overlooking the ocean if I do say so myself.

If you ever want to see the inner workings of the female mind, I suggest you skip book club meetings, sorority get togethers and bachelorette parties and instead find a wedding party getting ready the morning of a wedding. That is a true look at the inner psyche of women, on an elevated scale. We had relatively few disasters, one of which included my thoroughly uncooperative hair that had to be velcro rolled for 4 hours before it would submit to an updo of Jackie-O proportions. I blame the humidity.

Once up and sprayed my hair survived the humidity, the heat, dancing, a dip in the ocean, sleeping and a swim in the pool before I took it down and winced my way through two shampoos and a painful comb out. I’m pretty sure the hairstylist used cement. But all that was forgotten when I watched my best friend slip into her wedding dress- that is a top Magical Life Moment right there, am I right?

I teared up when she put on the dress, when she walked down the aisle, when she said her vows, when she danced and at every other life moment that night. It is wonderful to watch your friend marry someone who makes them so very happy. It didn’t hurt that the dress was stunning.

As the weekend wrapped up – we waded in the ocean, we ate seafood, we swam and sipped on fruity cocktails- we said all said goodbye. Back the grind. To work and deadlines and errands and responsibility. But for just a weekend we took a trip to watch something based on happiness and love, which sometimes, is all you need.

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