28 Years & 364 Days

28 years and 364 days was all my poor appendix had in me, so on May 30th I had it removed.

On the plus size, I get narcotics and anti-nausea medications for my birthday, but on the downside, well, surgery/hospitals/ouch ouch ouch.

On Tuesday, directly after coming home from vacation I woke up feeling a little off. As the day wore on my stomach hurt more and more. I was working from home so I tried the usual suspects; tea, applesauce, a small bowl of soup. Despite my trying my stomach continued to hurt so on a whim I called my doctor’s office to see if they had any openings. I’m not sure why, logic tells you to wait anything out a few days, but this stomach ache was entering new territories, even for someone who has had colitis. A long story short my doctor sent me for a CT scan, telling me he’d bet me a $100 it was unnecessary, and a few hours later, had I been able to form words without moaning or sobbing I’d have told him to pay up. Appendicitis was the official diagnosis, and after a hellish hour in the ER triage room (waiting for a bed so I could get pain medications) I finally found relief in the form of fluids, pain killers and anti-emetic medication. After one very restless night (I once accidentally rolled onto my right side, HA HA HAAAAAA omg) I was whisked off to surgery and here I am, 29 years old and minus my appendix.

It was a rather dramatic way to go out, in my opinion. Always a spotlight stealer, that useless former organ.

Outside of my Fire Ears and my very first surgery (excepting my tonsils at age 18, which I do not recommend) my 28th year was pretty good. I’m hoping for more good and less doctors and medical mysteries and writhing in pain in the ER. I’m hoping for more travel, more career advancement and more time with my husband, my family and my friends. I’m hoping to continue to grow as a person and a community member, to read the Bible cover to cover and to volunteer at the new Children’s Hospital. I’m hoping to keep all my organs and to buy another set of international plane tickets so B and I can continue to explore the world together, hand in hand.

Mostly though I hope that I’m feeling well enough for a birthday cupcake. A girl can dream, right?

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