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We are now two weeks into our weekly vegetable & egg delivery from Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks. Two weeks ago right before our delivery I picked up a dozen eggs, which were then supplemented by our first delivery with another dozen. We diligently ate our eggs all week, knocking 9 out of the way, before our delivery showed up this week. With a bonus dozen. I’ll let you do the math but the generally correct answer is: we have a lot of eggs. So, challah happened (holla!):

Don’t worry we are having quiche tonight…..and eggs for breakfast all week long. We’ve also been enjoying all of our vegetables, some “normal” (lots of spinach), some a little more funky (swiss chard, you saucy minx you, you take up a lot of room in my fridge) to even more funky (Romanesco broccoli, HOW DO I COOK YOU?). I reintroduced myself to the art of gentle steaming with lots of garlic in the water for flavor, turning this….
Into this…..

A few of my friends are also getting produce boxes delivered and we’ve been swapping recipes and resources to help us creatively cook our new goodies. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites for vegetable cooking, from normal to slightly funky to….romanesco broccoli.

  • Smitten Kitchen: an amazing food blog with lots of farmers market inspired recipes, just search for your ingredient and see what pops up.
  • Outstanding in the Field: a cookbook my Mom gave us for Christmas, this farm-to-table inspired cookbook has a lot of really unique recipes featuring even more unique ingredients. Score!
  • Ad Hoc At Home: a Thomas Keller cookbook of fantastic proportions. It isn’t just vegetarian but it has wonderful instructions for all sorts of basic kitchen musts including jams, jellies and preserves as well as chutney and side dishes. You are bound to find something amazing to do with your produce.
  • Eating Local: A Sur La Table cookbook that I’m ordering this week- everyone I know who uses it says it is wonderful and it is based off of eating local produce- you are bound to find something new for your bushel of tomatoes or abundance of swiss chard.
  • How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: this is a Mark Bittman cookbook, has over 200 glowing reviews on Amazon and made their top “vegetarian cookbooks of 2011″ list – sold. This looks like it will be the place to turn for the totally crazy items that end up in our produce box, if for nothing else than an introduction to the item and a suggested method of preparation.

While we are not becoming vegetarian, we do try to eat meat-free a few times a week.  We are hoping that these cookbooks (in addition to our produce boxes) help us move beyond the boring noodles and tomato sauce with vegetables dinner. How about you, any awesome vegetarian cooking resources? Or….romanesco broccoli recipes?

Seriously. What is this?

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