On October 7th…..

I can’t even begin to pretend that I haven’t been looking at Christmas cards already. I know, I know, it is only the beginning of October but if you read my recent “90 Day Countdown to a Nervous Breakdown” you know that in the 90-day window before Christmas I cannot be held accountable for my crazy, insane and Type A personality actions. My friend Katie suggested instead of Christmas cards, I invest in a calendar, you know, TO REMIND ME THAT IT IS ONLY OCTOBER. (Granted this was a thought she shared in September, but I have a feeling her stance has not changed.) Whatever.

¬†Christmas cards are something that I like to take care of earlier rather than later, for one we send over 100 cards every year so if I’m not careful they can get expensive quickly. This of course means that my most favorite card is not a contender, even though it is the most perfect card ever and made by the same paperie as our wedding invitations:

Sorry I’m not sorry, but I’m not spending over $200 on Christmas cards. That is too much for even a self-admitted holiday-lover like myself. (Shakes fist at sky. SCROOGE.)

Anyway. I like to order cards early, to get the expense out of the way and to give me plenty of time to address the cards. This year we just don’t have a great photo (at least not yet) and I was doing some serious thinking about the situation. My choices amounted to: (1) don’t use a photo which is apparently the same as telling a small child Santa isn’t real; (2) use a cute photo from our February ski trip that is a tiny bit out of focus; (3) use a photo of just our dog and be those people; or (4) use a sailing photo even though short-sleeve photos on holiday cards make me shiver. Something about the snowflake-y time of year juxtaposed with warm weather activities. It just doesn’t work for me. Then the skies parted and the angels sang and Minted came out with a stellar collection of photo-free holiday cards letting me order now and print an acceptable photo at a later date to put in the envelope with the card. (For the record: Minted does not know who I am, does not know about this post, and will probably never, ever see this post. This is not sponsored content.)

My top contenders, i.e., images I’ve been sending to various family and friends forcing them to think about Santa & snow when they are trying to plan the most perfect Halloween costume:

Which one will I choose? Only time will tell. But this year, I’m taking care of the cards before Halloween. One less thing to worry about in December*, you know what I mean?

*One less thing to worry about in December = more time for me to drink delicious spiced wine & watch Christmas movies and plan a cookie exchange party. Who am I fooling? No one.

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  • AmazingGreis says:

    October is too early for Christmas cards, even for me. I order mine the first week in November and they will be addressed, stamped and in the mail by Wednesday November 23.

  • Mrs. Smith says:

    I definitely believe in ordering early. We have pictures schedule for later this month, or I’d have already ordered them I’m sure! The list of addresses is ready to go though. :)

    And I agree with you… Minted has the best non-photo holiday cards I’ve ever seen!

  • Amy says:

    I finally got a job this week (yay!) and my boss informed me she doesn’t do Christmas cards-she does Thanksgiving cards. She had a good argument-beat the flood of Christmas cards that all get muddled together-telling people you’re thankful for them, etc. I dunno. I’m a Christmas card lover myself. The ones you posted are BEAUTIFUL! For a couple years, I was too depressed (after my mom passed away) then too busy (wedding) and didn’t do them. Last year, I resurrected my love of handwritten notes and bought cards that were drawn by kids at St. Jude’s. I think that will be what I do again this year! This is a great site for cards that benefit charities: http://www.cardsthatgive.org

  • Jacklyn says:

    I’ve been on Etsy looking for cards to send to my bridesmaids and more often than not, find myself sucked into Christmas cards. I just.can’t.stop.

  • girltuesday says:

    thank you: i’m feeling a lot less sheepish about the fact our (also photo-free thank you, Minted) cards arrived on thursday.

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