Sunday Funday

While most of Chicago chose to use Sunday morning to do normal things like sleep in, go to church or attend the Air and Water show, I decided to break in the day with a 70 mile bike ride. Yes, you read that right, SEVENTY miles. And it wasn’t even the highlight of the day. After I got home (many, many, many hours later) I headed out with B to take 30ish of our closest friends sailing. It was a gorgeous night, and since I like everything to be all about me, I started it off by promptly watching my iPhone slide off the boat and into Lake Michigan.

Yeah. I thought riding my bike 70 miles sucked, but it turns out watching your phone spiral into the drink is worse.

I won’t lie, having our friend Tom dive down and find it was pretty spectacular especially since my directions regarding where it fell resembled hand flapping and general pointing in all directions. Sadly the phone is not remotely considering turning on, so I’m giving it a good soak in some dry rice to see if I can get a glimmer of something out of it. We shall see.

After all that excitement, we went sailing. Along for our three hour tour were many friends including the Namby Pamby, Kristabella, and Judgy Amie. We were treated to some wild sailing (including a few spectacular jibes that had all of us lying flat on the top of the boat so we didn’t get decked by moving parts) and splashing (seriously, I though we ordered a dry sail?) but then…the views. Oh the views.


What? I count too.

Ok, maybe not. But this does.



This is the face of someone contemplating how much this little “dropping of the phone” mistake is going to cost:

Hint: one million dollars.

Give or take.


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