An Update of Sorts

Thank you very, very much for your kind words last week. It meant more than you will ever know. I’ll be sure to update you as we know more, hopefully all good news.


I mean really now, there is nothing more interesting than hearing about other people’s health. They have entire television shows dedicated to it!

My “big” Fire Ears appointment was on Friday. I have no real news to report. Fascinating, right? Right.

They are not caused by food allergies or environmental allergies. It could possibly be contact allergies, but it could be a whole slew of things that run the gamut of no-big-deal to sort-of-a-big-deal. So, um, if you have any persuasion in this sort of matter I’d prefer the “no-big-deal” cause myself. A team is being assembled to look over all my lab results and rank order all the possibilities to date and then order more labs. I *might* even get to donate some more biopsies of my ears. How fun! And exciting! I love donating parts of me to science!

I might get to attend Grand Rounds at the hospital so I can be seen by members of every department at the hospital and then they can all have a meeting to talk about it, “it” of course being my super-fascinating ears that poof up for no particular reason. It is like being popular, except without all the perks.

So. What did you do this weekend? Preferably of the non-health-realated genre.


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  • Jessica says:

    I am waiting for the day when you show up as a case study in the New England Journal of Medicine, get featured in the New York Times Sunday Magazine “Cases” column, or have your story ripped off on “House.”

    Are we sure you’re not some alien-human hybrid and that your ears are just the first part of you to begin the transformation?? (Maybe I’ve seen too much X-Files…)

  • Brittany says:

    Daisy I missed your last post about your MIL, but I want you and Millie to know that I am thinking about her and your family. I can only imagine how LONG this weekend must have been just waiting. I hope she was able to get it off her mind and enjoy a little springtime and/or good company.

    On another note, you’re going to be almost famous at the hospital!

    Most medical maladies are not serious. I, for one, grow things. Polyps, cysts, fibroadenomas, moles, etc. So that’s a lot of lumps to find/other unusual and unsettling symptoms to live with until an answer is found (the polyp causing MONTHS of unanswerable symptoms that (like yours) affected my daily life and lots of repeated tests, finally the third ultrasound found the culprit) And while not all of them have been 100% benign (looking at you, mole), none of them have been serious at all. Expensive and anxiety producing, yes, life changing or dangerous, no, not at all. There was also the few times where my heart was beating so fast and skipping so many beats I thought I was having a heart attack and would go to the ER thinking I was dying. Also, my heart is just fine. Just a little harmless but annoying tachycardia. So there you have all the things that are/have gone wrong with me, and yet I’m just fine. All of my doctors would tell you I’m perfectly healthy, I just have “quirks.” My money is on this being a non-dangerous but very annoying and expensive quirk. So there you have it. My attempt at being persuasive that it’s nothing serious. Hope it helps!

  • Nutmeg says:

    I too was freaked out by the thought that my “case” needed to be presented at Grand Rounds because hi, freakshow much? But honestly, a lot of viable and concrete ideas came out of it. For the first time, there was a real plan to figure out what is causing my medical mystery. I hope you have a similar experience! And hey, at least they are willing to help, right? :)

  • MamaSpeak says:

    My lovely GI tract has had multiple articles discussing it & it’s mysteries in JAMA. You are in good company.
    I kept thinking that your blog & Twitter handle both need to be changed to “Fire Ears” now. And the term Fire Ears makes me think of the Heat Miser; which is AWESOME!

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