Maybe Baby

Babies, it seems, are everywhere.

People in Hollywood are having them, bloggers are knocked up and even a few real life friends, necessitating my recent order of these adorable noggin-covers for an upcoming baby shower.

I’ll start by saying I am not having one. Or two, or any number of babies, any time soon.

Soon being somewhat relative because for most (and by most I mean all) of my life kids were the kind of dream that I said “Well yes, but…in X number of years” the X typically being a number greater than five. And as we all know in five years a lot can change. Rob Lowe isn’t on drugs but Charlie Sheen goes totally (even more) batshit, we are on Facebook not MySpace, the best Superbowl commercial is by Chrysler not Bud Light and words like “Twitter” enter into Presidential debates.

Yes, a lot can happen in 5+ years.

And now, kids are no longer in that 5+ category, hypothetically “life-plan” speaking. I can’t pinpoint when exactly they are in the plan, although I can assure all haters of children, Mommy-bloggers and ankle-biters (my affectionate term for poorly operated strollers) that they are not happening this year. However the last few years have taught me that time mother-fing-flies and the thought that they could be in the next few years has me eyeing my “BEFORE CHILDREN” bucket list with growing apprehension. That trip to Africa has not yet been planned my friends. Something tells me it might not happen. The “lets go back to Napa Valley” trip is looking a little suspect as well because our friends keep getting married in awesome-but-not-Napa-Valley locations, dwindling our “fun trips” budget to a drive to an outlet mall about an hour away. (There is a Sonic nearby, obviously, part of what makes it FUN, that and the sale cardigans!) (Do you have any bucket lists? Anything fun on them?)

The Daisy-B household is considering a new car in the “next year-ish” future and we realized that this new car? Has to have car seat logistics considered before it can be purchased. For a couple that enjoys sleeping in, runny cheese and breakables on low shelves, this makes us both tuck the Consumer Reports on American made SUVs back under the Crate and Barrel catalog. Ooh look, an impractical white couch. Lets spend our money on that instead. An excellent investment piece for small-condo city dwellers, no?

Kids are amazing and adorable, but B has a typical male pattern thinking of “What if I’m a horrible parent?” that slows him down (despite my repeated assurances that everyone is a horrible parent at some point but that he has all the makings of a truly amazing, doting, baseball catching, hair bow clipping, rocking, reading and pinewood derby sanding kind of Dad- which is one of the many reasons I love him) and I have the typical female pattern thinking of “Hahahahah no booze or runny cheese or sushi for nine months plus stretch marks and not fitting into my favorite yoga pants or jeans anymore NO WAY” kind of thinking despite B’s assurances that he won’t judge me if I eat three orders of tempura sushi rolls at our favorite Japanese restaurant nor will he begrudge me some new yoga pants. Also: we both like sleep. We get really annoyed when the dog snores. That doesn’t bode well for parenthood.

For now, children remain in the hazy future, albeit a future that keeps getting closer in the odd way that birthdays and deadlines and other milestones do. I’m not sure when or where we will head down that path, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit it wasn’t something we talk about (ok fine, I talk about it while B’s eyes glaze over a little and he nods at all the right parts) and debate and occasionally say “EH WHATEVER, POUR ME ANOTHER GLASS OF WINE” and put off for another day.

Whew. These nonexistent kids are already exhausting me.

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  • Brittany says:

    The tip top of my baby list is Europe. Never been. Will never go if we don’t make it before babies.

    Most of the rest of “the fun stuff” on my list is also travel: Mexico, back to Aruba for a second honeymoon, Vegas maybe, Napa.

    Just about everything else is “start 401(k), get maternity health insurance, a safe car…” all the practical stuff that we don’t have yet. BUT, of course, the safe car is happening SOON(!!), so maybe our bucket list, slowly but surely, will get checked off!

  • Don’t put off the Africa trip. I studied abroad in South Africa, and it was the best trip I’ve ever taken! I’ve been wanting to take Mr. Business, and we started saving to go for our 3 year anniversary. Then we found out I was pregnant.

    I’m still determined we’re gonna go on Safari, but something about hauling a 3-year-old through the bush just isn’t as appealing. And I can’t imagine leaving her here for 2-3 weeks.

    So anyhow, other trips you can make with a baby…or leave the baby at home. But Africa is amazing…and not really the place for babes.

  • There’s no way to “properly” plan for a baby. None. You do what you want to do, go on trips to where you want to go, and have as many trips to the movies as you can.

    Other than that, nothing can really be prepared ahead of time that makes up for what you can’t do after the baby comes. It all just seems to work out.

  • Amie says:

    So, uh.. I’m the traditional male AND traditional female. I worry that I’d be an awful mom, AND that pregnancy would make me lose my mind and everything else. Hm. PLUS all that wine/cheese/sushi stuff. Sigh.

  • new says:

    Darling Daisy,
    You had me at SSSB, (7.21.11), the first Daisy, JD. post I read. I was (am) intrigued and entertained, and so I continued reading, and I have been tempted—oh so tempted!—to comment numerous times because I am chatty and nosy and love to put in my two pence, but I refrained, mostly because of sheer laziness, but also because I wanted to keep reading!
    I fought the urge to rave about beagles (my amazing pup Missy, a beagle mix, died a month ago), I held back after reading about the OCM (OK I’m OBSESSED and I haven’t even started it yet!), and your post about trading snacks for Penguins made me super nostalgic(I’m from England—would die for a Penguin right now!). All that aside, I just have to comment after you mention an affinity for ‘runny cheese’ in your “Maybe Baby” post. Years ago, as a drunken undergrad, I found myself alone post-bar, so I marched over to Panchero’s (delish Mexican fast food) and demanded runny cheese. Another drunkie girl in line overheard me, let me slip in front of her, and we solidified our newfound friendship over a vat of runny cheese. We’ve been bffs ever since and still attribute it to runny cheese. I’m glad someone else appreciates it like I do! xo

    • Daisy says:

      This of course is because we know the secret truth in life that runny cheese is what makes the world go around. Also: late night food after a night of cocktails. Thanks for all the kind words, I’m glad you had fun reading. I’m so sorry about Missy, I know how amazing beagle companions are. Hope to see you around here more!

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