I think we can all agree that little kids… are kind of weird. They have vivid imaginations and they manage to come up with some…weird shizz.

For a long, long time I was sure I held the title for inventing the Worst Imaginary Game ever, of all time, forever and ever and ever-ever.

My brother and I were a few years apart, and every few days my Mom would mandate that we had to play together. I of course was much older and wiser and did not want to play together so whenever the ruling came down, I’d trudge up to my room. My brother, very excited to get to play with his Big! Sister! would follow happily. Once we would arrive in my room I’d select a book, instruct my brother to sit in front of my bookshelf and I’d start reading.

After a few minutes he would go tell my Mom that I wasn’t playing with him. She would come upstairs and look at me.

What Mom? We are so playing. We are playing LIBRARY.

My Mom would roll her eyes and tell me to play – for real this time- and leave us alone again. I’d then give my brother some pencils and index cards and encourage him to make check out cards…while I read. I could typically keep this game going until the third or fourth time Mom came back to tell me I wasn’t actually playing, and by that time I would have gotten at least a few more chapters read. FTW!

Anyway, I thought this was a clear contender for the Worst Imaginary Game Ever until I was chatting with an old friend and we were discussing the weird things kids do. And that is when she confided in me she had a game she liked to play around age five, where she would fall off the back of the couch and whisper “help” quite feebly until rescue came.

And she called the game playing Baby Jessica.

Ladies and gents, I pass the torch.

Unless of course someone thinks they can out-do her.

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  • My cousin and I were children of the 80s. I was in, oh, 4th grade or so when Miami Vice premiered. More than a few times, we took that show as a guideline.

    That’s right. We’d fill my granny’s ziploc bags with flour and take turns of who was the cop and who was the cocaine dealer.

  • Dying at both game. Particularly the image of a little girl intentionally falling off the back of the couch over and over. Hilarious.

    My brother is 7 years older, so there was no forcing us to play together unless you count the time he shoved an ice cream sandwich up my nose.

  • Laura says:

    I’m not sure if I can top Baby Jessica! My little brother used to love splashing water around in the sink. We called it “Water Play,” and the faucet game was fine and dandy until he forgot to turn the sink off one day and flooded the upstairs bathroom. My poor Mother didn’t realize what was going on until she heard water dripping through the ceiling in to our foyer. That ended water play pretty fast!

  • HighHeelsLowMorals says:

    My (older) sister played the game “Bank” in which she would take my allowance and write me an IOU note in return. Ironically she always got to be the banker and I always had to be the customer…

  • Heather says:

    When I was younger, every book in my room had a library card inside it. When people wanted to borrow my books, they had to fill out the card and I would file it in my little index car box. I can’t believe someone else did something similar!

  • Desiree says:

    I used to pretend that an evil witch had turned the ground into jello and I would stumble around the yard wobbling and getting stuck. Good times haha.

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