Inside That Counts

When my parents were first married they were rich on love and poor on money. My Dad was a young pilot in the Air Force and my Mom was working on getting her real estate license, so she was shocked and delighted when my Dad arrived home one December day with two packages, painstakingly wrapped in Nordstroms signature gift wrap. She said the packages sat under their little tree, bright and shiny with crisp bows and gorgeous gift tags. My Dad was pleased as punch, and kept telling her how excited she was going to be when she opened them.

For days Mom would look at the boxes and wonder what was inside of them. Diamonds were expensive…but maybe they were little diamonds? Perhaps a cashmere sweater? She dreamed of silk and gold, of Chanel Number 5 or maybe a strand of pearls. She waited and waited and lovingly tucked the boxes into their car for the drive to my Grandparent’s house for the Christmas holiday.

On Christmas morning my Mother was beside herself with excitement. My Dad was practically bursting with pride as he handed her the two boxes and she glanced around as she opened them in front of his entire family.


A stadium seat in the big box and poultry shears in the small box.

To this day, my Dad insists she wanted those items.

To this day, my Mom insists you don’t pay for gift wrap at stores you didn’t actually purchase an item from.

Dad still insists those poultry shears were darn useful.

And Mom likes to remind everyone, it isn’t the wrapping that counts but what is inside.

Just a few holiday lessons from my house to yours!

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