Five on Friday: Easter Edition

Five on Friday: Easter Edition


1. Did you have any fun Easter traditions growing up? My Mom has a beautiful set of traditional German Easter ornaments (wooden) and some gorgeous ceramic bunny rabbits that always graced our house around Easter. To this day I always linger over ceramic bunny rabbits at antique stores or furniture stores. Every year I say I’m going pick up a few from Pottery Barn after the holiday…but I never remember. One year it will happen!

2. Photos from last weekend’s egg hunt lead me to believe Gracie might end up with some strawberry blonde hair. It currently depends on the lighting- sometimes it reads more blonde, other times more brown. Time will tell!


3. Lists give me an excuse of sharing photos of my child. A current photo…and Easter last year….




4. Gracie’s Easter basket turned out quite nicely. The only thing I wish I had ordered/added is a Boo Boo Bunny.  This year she is using a simple little basket I got at Target, but once again I harbor dreams of ordering a personalized something from Pottery Barn after the holiday. Once again: time will tell. We can revist this topic next year and see how succesful I was.

5. One of my favorite parts of this weekend is the deviled eggs. I could, without blinking, take down a dozen deviled eggs easily. There is something so delicious about them. The ham is nice too, but the eggs…mmm.

Something’s Gotta Give

The main themes in my life are living, parenting, and working. These are my day in and day out. Lately though, as Gracie gets bigger and daycare pick up eats more time than our previous come-home-to-the-nanny-and-baby arrangement I’m feeling more pressed for time. It doesn’t help that work has been busier- my laptop comes out in the evenings far more often than it used to, just working to get things done, to meet deadlines, to submit drafts. Regardless, since the “living” and “parenting” come first, and the “working” is becoming a bigger load, other things are dropping by the wayside.

Some weeks it is dinners. We eat the easiest things possible, ordere pizza more than we should, eat Trader Joe’s frozen meals. Other weeks it is house keeping, the dust bunnies grow into dust horses, the clean laundry piles up unfolded. A housekeeper would help, but right now we are throwing more money at student loan payments than we’d like and I just can’t justify the added expense (right now). Some weeks I feel like a terrible Mom, exhausted 30 minutes before the baby goes to bed, not as engaged with the last little bit of playtime and snuggles as I should be. Lately it has been my organization. When we left for the Easter Egg hunt this past weekend I’d driven for 15 minutes before realizing I’d left the deviled eggs at home. I went out to run errands- the most important of which was to mail something- and came home with the envelope still in my purse. My husband has had to bring me my house keys at work, I’ve left work documents in the office or at home when I needed them in the other location. I’m feeling, in the words of Sandra Boynton, frazzled like a, um, frazzled thing.

I’m not the only busy person. In fact, I’ve seen a few news articles lately about how annoying everyone is when they talk about being busy. The fact is we are all busy, no one is special because their planner has too many items on a given day. We’ve grown accustomed to the go-go-go life, and as a result we are all pulled in a million different directions. I really miss some of the things I used to love though. My stack of magazines goes largely unread, it takes me a lot longer to finish a book. My closets are messier, my junk drawer is appalling, I can’t remember the last time I made a time-intensive dinner. (We used to eat risotto weekly). I miss the luxury of lazy mornings, movies in the evening, the time to plan something out.

I’m sure my answer will come. Work will slow down, the days will get longer. Gracie’s bedtime might move to 7:15 or 7:30, giving us a little more time together. I need to work on going to bed a little earlier- not wasting 40 minutes scrolling through nothing on my phone prior to closing my eyes- and prepping dinner ahead of time. Slowly a new balance will settle out, but in the meantime…if I forget my keys one more time…..


Things I Am Dreaming Of

1. Sunshine

2. Beaches

3. Wearing a swimsuit at a beach, pool or other body of water

4. Sunscreen

5. Frozen cocktails

6. Drinks on patios

7. Freshly mown grass

8. Barbecues

9. Sundresses

10. Being outside without 19 layers on

Sadly it appears none of these things will ever be seen in the Chicago area again.

(Woke up to a crunchy coating of ice topped by an inch of snow, and “almost record low” temperatures, WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO DESERVE THIS?)

The weather complaining has gotten tedious I know, but Chicago got 82 inches of snow this “winter” (see also: fall through spring) and you guys, that is not normal. We do not live in Fargo. This isn’t Minnesota. Our average snowfall for winter is 38 inches. I have shoveled, salted, scraped and layered my way through innumerable snow days, polar vortex’s and weather advisories. I threw boiling water into subzero air (it turns to steam and freezes, all very crazy) the first time it happened, the continuing days and weeks were all about survival. I knocked icicles, boiled water in the house and filled radiator pans with water and started using fabric softener again. I slathered my kid in Aquaphor, put spare gloves in the pocket of every coat and wore my Uggs into the ground. I stood at a train station while being pummeled by all variations of terrible winter weather and my boss got worried that no one had been in the office for weeks because it was too dangerous to venture out and commute. The lining of my coat needs repair from being worn so much. I actually wore a hat.




Swings & Eggs

Last Wednesday B left for Charleston for sailing while I stayed home with Gracie. I KNOW. CHARLESTON VERSUS CHICAGO. UNFAIR. After realizing last summer that I’m only good at lone wolfing for 2 nights max, I called in reinforcements: my Mom, aka Gigi. While we had some bumps in the itinerary (stroller snafu, all is well) we had an awesome girls weekend and I was really grateful for both the adult company and the ability to take the dog on a quick walk without having to worry about getting Gracie packed up and out the door with me…three times a day. It was also nice for G to take a day off from daycare (Friday) to hang with my Mom- and it meant no drop off or pick up for me!

Our zoo trip was dashed by the aforementioned stroller issue (I did something dumb which led to me being unable to clip the seat into the frame, many thanks to Galt Baby for “fixing” it aka showing me the stupid thing I did and reversing it….if you own an UppaBaby Vista, don’t carry the seat by the recline lever….) but we did make it to the playground near the zoo. Gracie growled at the mountain lion statues, pet the baby elephant statue and was overjoyed by simple park pleasures. Behold:




Girlfriend enjoys the breeze in her hair, that is for sure. We had lunch at a nearby institution, R.J. Grunts. Very kid friendly and highly recommended to anyone wanting to grab a bite before or after the zoo (It also has a lovely bloody mary, fancy burgers and an amazing salad bar for the adults in the group).

Park4Oh look, WE ACCIDENTALLY SORT OF MATCHED AGAIN. I’m done picking out her outfits….

On Sunday before we took my Mom to the airport (sniff) we went out to the suburbs for an Easter egg hunt at our friend’s house. Gracie was really confused as to why we encouraged her to pick up more eggs than she had hands until she realized: (1) the eggs come apart; and (2) THERE ARE PRIZES INSIDE. One egg of yogurt melts later and she spent the next 30 minutes trying to find every egg she could, including eggs in her friend’s baskets. We had a chat about sharing.


EggHunt2Next time we attend an egg hunt I will remember to bring her basket….classify that as a Mom Fail. As soon as the egg hunt ended our nice weather blew away (today it was raining ice pellets) and we are back to wearing cozy layers and close toed shoes. B got back into town late last night so Gracie and I enjoyed breakfast-for-dinner, a rare treat as B despises breakfast-for-dinner.  All in all it was a lovely weekend, even if we missed B and wished my Mom could have stayed a little longer.

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